I had to change the title of this post

Wydad – Moroccan game.

At 0-2 it was a nailed on trade. At 0-3 it was too. I was about to type about how this is a perfect example of a good, losing trade. But since I started typing they scored two quick goals so i had to change it. What a weird game. I may as well post the screenshots I used to make my decision on this when it went 0-2, and why I laid again at 1.03 when it went 0-3….

League LEADER playing second from bottom. AT HOME.

Far more aggressive attacks for home team.

Stats need no comment, if you had to pick a winner it would take you about 2 seconds to decide based on that. never failed to score. undefeated at home…… 0-3 down at home? WTF?!

So anyway, instead of explaining why that was a GREAT TRADE even though I expected a loss, it turned out to be a very very nice green. I was SO led by the stats I almost did the fairly insane thing of holding for 3-3 But thats what they call greed, and after a few minutes thinking about it, I gave myself a shake and remembered I laid this at 1.02 (heavily too) and was being offered an exit at over 1.5, thats about 25 times as many ticks as my risk, so I greened out and this nicely covered my day with green, whether anyone makes the call to Verona to let 3 goals in in the last 15 minutes or not!!

Hull v Everton is tempting me to LTD as I was watching the first half. I am going to LTD now so I am in for the post HT play, 10-15 mins minimum and then probably exit and go have some dinner, unless I feel extremely compelled to stay in.

Oh and before I go…. Verona again….

People are BACKING the draw at 65-80 on a game where the home team and league leader is 3-0 up?! Maybe its a rigged game gone wrong, or maybe there are just lots of idiots still drunk from xmas over there. Who knows, but thats odd for me. And look who has the most attacks:

One very odd day, in fact one very odd few days. No wonder they say Xmas is a funny time for football!

Ciao 😉

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