I had just entered my lay U2.5 on Verona when that damn goal went in! One of those days for bad timing, especially with Brighton called off. 1.5 for U2.5 goals after just 20 mins of play, that was silly price and I missed it. Oh well, I find it quite interesting that despite the stronger team being ahead quite early, and priced at 1.37, the draw price is only at 5, just under in fact. That’s not what I would call normal. Normal for teams like this would be at least 6-7, sometimes nearer 9 or 10. Its not enough for me to feel sure there is a fixed draw here, but certainly enough to make me strongly suspicious. I have had a lay on them anyway at 1.37. happy to lose, but happier to pick up a green when it levels up, and maybe would use green to have another dabble if it goes 2-1 or 1-2 and the draw price still looks odd.

The price went as far as 5.5 initially, and backed in from there to under 5. Slightly odd this

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