Wednesday 4th Jan

Slim pickings today, a day off is in order perhaps. The Tottenham game will either be a goalfest or a cagey one. I am sure Spurs will badly want the win as 3 points will put them right up near the top, and they have great home form. On the other hand Chelsea has a great defensive set up and will probably do a good job of keeping Spurs at bay at least for a while. So it’s either a leave alone job, a wait and hope for ops in play or maybe a lay of under0.5 goals for 30 minutes from KO. This lay can be had for 1.09 currently. Of course its a throw away job as one goal is a total loss but I could definitely see this game being tight for the first thirty minutes and that would probably see 10-20 ticks in profit over that period, maybe 30+. A HT LTD could be a good bet too, but definitely not without getting a good read of the game first.

It’s one of those take your choices jobs really. Nothing else of interest today.

The hosting move is now complete. I would appreciate any comments if anyone has any, site noticeably slower/faster, any other problems etc. Drop comments below if you have noticed any difference. Thanks


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