Tuesday 24 Jan

Howdy all. Well I have been away for longer than originally planned, and some changes are underway here due to some family issues which means life will change a bit for me over the next few months. I am also working with someone about some strategy stuff, exciting but will be a long road. Worth every inch of the journey I think long term, but it’s going to mean I can’t spend hours each day discussing trades and stuff. I will do my best to publish my picks as usual, but beyond that I will be a bit quieter than usual for a while now.

I hope to emerge with some really good stuff though so it should be worth the wait. I also want to come good on my promise to publish some of my other methods which are not published on the site. I am trying to work out the best approach so I can help people as much as possible but without costing me too much time while I work on the above mentioned stuff. Maybe some kind of system where I name each system (System A, System B) etc, and then I can just list my picks for the day quicker (“Napoli v Fiorentina – Sys A) for example. Anyway, I will think that over some more and update when I know what the best approach is.

As for today….

Sheffield United – LTD (if level) or lay under 1.5 (if no goals) at 60 minutes. (History of draws between these teams, so maybe half stakes for the risk averse/small banks)

Zulte Waregem – LTD at 15 mins in


Tuesday 24 Jan — 9 Comments

  1. Good to have you back, Tim. I’ve been practising what you preach with some success. One tip for everyone: NEVER trade on a team you support. I did recently and paid with all my liability as I waited for that “certain goal”. Match finished 0-0.

    • Ouch! Yes that’s one I learned so quickly, I actually stopped supporting a team in the end!! It was easier to do that than to deal with my emotions etc! it took a couple of seasons to fully stop caring what happened! Hard one to take that, but hopefully will save you red in the future!!

  2. Hi Tim.

    Glad to hear from you again. I am very interested in your new strategies.
    Do you have anything for the case, when for example the underdog or away favourite scores first in a game and the price stays pretty much the same till the HT? So you go for a cheap lay and look for an equalizer till HT. I am playing around with this idea for a while, watched a lot of matches and prices, and I am sure, there must be the possibility to make some green out of this …


    • Actually I have a system for backing the draw in that scenario, not laying. Trouble is you can’t run that system alongside LTD very easily as most games you would be laying the draw from the KO so if an underdog goal comes first, you are already in a red trade and we should never follow a red trade with another trade in that game. Leave it with me I will try and publish more about that soon

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