Tuesday 31 Jan

Not much at all on today’s card. Cups and Internationals mainly. One game which looks worth a go if level at HT is Notts Forest v Rotherham. It would be nice if Rotherham could somehow magically prevent a goal before HT. Second half looks likely to see a goal from Forest I think. The only alternative idea is to wait and hope for a low unders or LTD entry at around 70-75 minutes if still no goals or level.


Tuesday 31 Jan — 8 Comments

    • Good luck Lee, I haven’t looked in detail as still all over the place and another hospital appointment today, they seriously messed up and I may now need an op. Grr. It’s a good job I only have my left hand as I would struggle to knock out even a receptionist with that one 😀

        • yeah, bloody nightmare. Just tried to start a curry cooking for tonight, and can’t even stir the bloody pot, crazy when I was told it will be as good as new by now. Physio I saw (for other issues) told me to get back down and kick off as they have missed something and I might have a break further up arm. Fingers crossed, on one hand! Cheers mate

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