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I have been away for a few days again. While I was away I had a chat with a friend I haven’t seen for some time. I still get a lot of emails from people looking for horse racing selections. Either to back or to lay. Many people seem to think there is loads of easy cash to be made with ‘laying systems’. I am not going to say it’s not true that there are some very good laying systems out there (not really systems, just selection services/methodologies) but I will say there are very FEW of them.

There seems to have been a move to laying as opposed to backing lately, its the new “pro gambler” approach. I don’t know if that’s because the marketers have gone that way, or because lays (losers) are easier in theory to find than winners. I suspect it’s a bit of both.

The only thing I will say is that I was told there is a “pretty consistently reliable” service run by the guys at Inform Racing called Pro Select. Inform Racing provide speed data in a brilliant software tool. That’s for other stuff like trading horses In Running but I wasn’t aware of their back and lay selection service, which sends out their selections in the morning each day. This service currently has an offer for a 2 week trial for £10. Going by the results I have heard about, it seems well worth that to have a look inside. I am not quite giving my personal recommendation as I heard this from someone else, and although I trust him fully, he isn’t me so it’s not first hand experience 🙂

So, just for the people who have been asking me to mention anything I “hear about” when it comes to horse racing selections…  This is the link for their £10 – 2 week trial. Click on “Join” top right.
Back to the Footie…

Hellas Verona – this is relative cheap at around 3.75 to LTD. The away team has a fairly good defence, which is the only real negative I can find, but it’s not enough of a negative to put me off at that price, it’s good value, they score most goals in the first half, and the main threat of underdog goals is in the final 15 minutes so all round it seems good enough value for a trade.

VVV – slightly borderline due to the price, but even up near 5 I think this is worth it. They SHOULD be 2-0 up at least by half time given their form. The late scoring stats puts me off a bit, so for anyone looking to avoid pricey trades like this one, maybe best to wait and hope for a low scoring game with a chance of getting into a lay of Under 2.5 late on. For me it’s a LTD from KO.

Reims – LTD from KO until 30 minutes only.

Jong Ajax – LTD from 30 minutes in if level.

Cambuur – Weird pricing but not interested unless the game is level at 60 minutes. If it is then it’s a LTD to the end for me. However if it’s 0-0 I will be laying U2.5 or U1.5 depending on prices instead of LTD.


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