Hi all, sorry for lack of posts recently. There are various reasons, some slightly experimental too, so here is a summary…

  1. I got ill yet again, driving me crazy and don’t think my body can take many more courses of antibiotics at this rate! That caused me to stop posting for a while, trading is just about manageable when unwell (some of the time anyway) but posting on the blog takes a bit more effort, screenshots and explanations etc, so i left that for a while.
  2. Wrist – turns out I was right and they were ignoring my valid concerns. Cartilage damage means surgery likely now, so i was told to give it FULL rest (which I have never done since breaking it as consultant told me not to, and I stupidly did as I was told, and used it as much as possible pain allowing which caused more problems. aagh!)
  3. After a while I started to notice a pattern from the many emails I get from readers of the blog. More and more people (including Tom who is the latest to email me today, cheers Tom) are actually LEARNING how to trade for themselves. I was giving so much information that people were (naturally) being lazy. Why do the work when someone else is doing it for you? I only recently realised that my attempt to explain my trades in such detail were actually causing most people to not learn much at all. I knew this was a risk but I never realised how much it would be the case. I have lost count of the emails from readers who bought my LTD ebook, and just dug deep to practice as much as possible on their own. The results are going great for so many readers, I think I am going to cut back on the trade selection posts at least for a while, since I have some important stuff to do in mean time around my trading… which leads me to 4…..
  4. I am working on publishing a really good list of strategies. I have often said I was doing so but I never really got my teeth into it, running the site and blogging heavily during trading always seemed to eat up too much time and I never had enough hours left to really get my head into documenting my methods fully, in a way that people can actually learn and use them as with my LTD ebook. So all things considered, given that I am still not on great form health wise, and owing to the growing list of people who have done a lot better in their own LEARNING since I stopped posting (I am trying not to be offended :D), I think I will give it a few months of reduced posting while I publish all the stuff I promised to so many people. The site was built to help people LEARN, not to give people tips or let them piggy back my own hard work, nobody benefits truly that way.

Hope that makes sense and you all understand. Give a man a fish…. 🙂


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  1. TRUE
    I was a bit concerened about you but i am glad to know that you are “o.k.”
    can’t wait for your new e-book,the LTD book helped me alot and i know that the next one will teach us great stuff.

    take care

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