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Just when I posted that I couldn’t take many more courses of antibiotics, I am on yet another course. I have septicemia (I am out of danger) which was really fun, not. 🙂

I went to A&E with every single known symptom of it, from tracking infection marks running up my leg, to cold/hot sweats, to dizziness and confusion to everything else except a coma (although I felt close at one point!). The wonderful “Nurse Practitioner” who assessed me in the absence of any actual doctors, said ….. this takes a while to say….. I had “bruising, not an infection”. I argued like hell (politely) which got me nowhere of course because then I just got the hand in face attitude. While I was there I ran to the loo to be sick as I felt so nauseous from my temperature fluctuation and perhaps the stress of being treated like an utter moron. So I went home with a weak course of antibiotics I had to almost beg for. I took a higher doser than she told me to, I KNEW I had sepsis.

I sweated for another day and a half in bed, not really knowing where i was, until I felt up to walking again, then after a call to 111 I went back to hospital with a bit more energy to complain a bit more. This time I saw a fantastic and lovely nurse who took one look and said “don’t go anywhere, you need the senior doctor to look at this”. He walked in, saw my leg and said he was admitting me for intravenous antibiotics as it was life threatening. I didn’t want that so I asked him to reconsider and he said no chance. He asked how I felt, I said “not too bad now the fevers have stopped”. With that I am sure he went a bit pale and asked me to explain what I meant by fever. I considered telling him it wasn’t the type John Travolta does, but he looked a bit serious for jokes, so instead I told him what had happened. He was absolutely amazed, THEN when I explained I was in that state when I saw a nurse in middle of night, his reaction was quite scary for me. He basically said I could have walked out, gone home, laid down and died. I had already got the symptoms of it being quite serious and somehow perhaps more by fluke than anything else, my body had just managed to fight back in time and push the infection back before it started attacking my internal organs. He still wanted to give me IV ABs as he said it was in my lymphatic system but I asked not to, and instead I just about managed to persuade him to let me out if I promised to double my dose of ABs to a gram every four hours, and go straight back to A&E if my symptoms changed for the worse in any way. Thankfully they didn’t, so I avoided MRSA and 300 other super bugs too, party on 😀

While I was in the hospital various times over past few days, I saw 4 different casualty cubicles. Every single one was plastered with signs and a post box , the signs said “We value your feedback, please tell us any comments you have that could help improve our service” or “we VALUE your comments”. hahaha. Not ONE of them had a single form to fill in. I found one outside at reception, same lack of slips there, apparently they are “out of forms”. Is that because too many have been used? Or because some private overpaid management consultant went round removing them to keep his job and keep renewing the contract to do a shite job for great pay? Who knows, although I would be far from surprised if it were the latter.

I know a fireman (sorry, can’t be bothered to find out what the latest communist politically correct phrase is for that extremely important job) who told me how he has lost count of how many times he has “kept someone alive after cutting them out of a car for up to an HOUR waiting for an ambulance”. I can’t say it better than he did, maybe a bit more politely though… “The whole thing is BROKEN”.

I can’t really blame the nurse for not spotting the symptoms (even though I explained them to her three times). After all, they are only listed on about 6 Million websites. Only 40,000 people die of it each year in the UK (3 of whom I have known myself)!!

On the way out of my second visit I got a parking ticket for being 20 minutes over on my one hour ticket, just a beautiful end to the experience. If they spent the salary from the parking attendant on doctors, maybe I wouldn’t have been parked there at all. Grr.

So, that was a few days ago and I am starting to feel properly on top of it at last. Just thought I would drop a message to say why it’s so quiet round here. Yes I planned to cut down some of the posting but I didn’t quite mean this much!

Hope all is well with you traders and learner traders, I will be back with some good stuff soon. Cheers for now.


P.S. It was caused by standing on something tiny, too small to get out of my foot and which quickly disappeared from view. It got a bit infected but then seemed to settle down and go away for 3 whole weeks, before my leg started showing red lines on it while I started to sweat and feel like the proverbial. Just to warn anyone reading! Google makes a far better healthcare service than many hospitals these days, which is no slur on the staff who, by and large, do a great job with what pathetic resources they have available. And I would also add I used 111 and they were effing SUPERB, and eventually talked me into going back to complain as, you know, being British, it’s not my style to make a fuss. Apparently dying is sometimes the alternative 😀

P.P.S. Just for a crack, I was talking to my uncle last night who has had around 6 heart attacks now. Last time he got dropped off outside Hinchingbrooke hospital (death trap and has been for many years) by his son who parked the car (and got a second mortgage to pay the obscene parking charge) so my uncle walked into A&E clutching his chest but, being somewhat used to it by now, not making a fuss. He took a seat in casualty, he said hello to a nurse and had a brief chat about the weather before she said “what’s up with you then?”. He said “I am having a heart attack”. She laughed and said “Yes, funny, what’s really wrong with you?”. He said “I am having a heart attack, nobody ever seems to believe me when I say that. Honestly love (ooh how sexist, she wasn’t offended though as she knew it was a term of affection not bigotry or a chance to have a whine at the ultimate evil of humankind, white middle aged men.) I really am, it’s my sixth one”. She said “If you’re having a heart attack, why are you sitting there?”. He said “Because I am English, and this is a queuing system” (he does have a dry sense of humour!). She realised he wasn’t messing around and ran off to get him on a bed and took him straight in. I thought that was quite funny, but also shows that some cultures or types of people lose out easier than others in the same environment, when that environment is increasingly modified to suit all, instead of those who created it and evolved it to suit their own community’s needs. The losers in such an environment are mainly those who are not built to be pushy but to be the opposite, trouble is, when you are built that way, you can’t change overnight. I was the same, it took hours and hours of worrying before I even rang 111, lesson learned, maybe.

Back soon, with less philosophy and more Betfair trading I pwomise


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  1. Hello Tim, Glad to know you won that health battle and having just fought the dreaded C myself,i can relate to your hospital experiences,although living in Spain,those Spanish nurses really help you to forget your problems!! I recently joined Betfair thinking I could translate the page into English as with bet365,but no such luck,so I am struggling to come to terms with things,constantly wondering if I am pressing the wrong buttons.After watching several videos on youtube,I decided to test the water with a lay 0 0 Man City v Stoke. Wham! Fingers burnt straight away.I then found an Italian game where both sides had good scoring records.Unfortunately,they left that behind and another 0 0 was the outcome.So within a week I soon discovered that Betfair is no picnic! I then decided on a change of strategy and laid under 1.5 goals,along with a smaller win bet on 0 0 as a saver.As the game neared half time, I noticed how the odds had really dropped on the 0 0 and having the opportunity to ” green up”, I then tried to figure out how much to put on the lay.I must have done something right as 3.15 in green appeared next to each score. Feeling quite smug with myself at achieving “the holy grail” of a green up so early,i was then hit with a sledge hammer when I realised that I had just lost my insurance cover on my under 1.5 goals lay bet.Needless to say,the game ended 1 1 so another lump of my bank disappeared! I have seen a book titled
    “Betfair For Dummies”.Was it intended for me I wonder!! Can I just ask,do you know of any way there is to enable me to see immediately how much I need to place on a back to lay bet in order to green up without going frantic trying to work it out.Apparently,Betangel etc don’t work in Spain.Only found your site today and not only is it good reading,but I think we are not far apart in the humour stakes!!

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your message and great to hear you are doing better health wise now. Yes I have family over in Spain and the hospital treatment shames the NHS here. My gran (years ago now) went to Spain, had a problem, and was taken straight in, operated on, and released all in a few days. It was something the NHS told her to wait 6 months for, can’t remember what it was now, but the nurses were incredible and were shocked at her account of her NHS experiences!

      Betfair – Firstly you sound like you are dabbling a bit wild there before fully understanding things and having yourself set up properly. First things first you MUST get a UK site (or learn the bloody lingo you typical ex-pat :D). Try using Private Internet Access (google it). Its superb. Installs on your machine and you can choose what location you are “in” for the direction of your computer time as it routes all your data traffic via a proxy server in whatever country you choose. In your case you would use Southampton or London, Betfair and every other site you go to from then on will see you as being in the UK, that might work with Bet Angel too, not sure on that one. Ask Peter Webb for advice, there are various ways around this problem that I know of as I know a few traders abroad including Spain.

      Secondly – sounds like you have picked up some half baked ideas of methods and are firing them off like shotgun pellets 😀 – no offence intended and I could be wrong, that just seems how your message reads. Start by learning carefully ONE strategy, and practicing that on SMALL stakes. this isn’t about trading to begin with, it’s about testing your setup, your clicks, your navigation of websites and understanding of odds and the method, all before you put real stakes into the market.

      Working out bets – Not entirely sure what you are doing there, did you say back to lay (i.e. horses?). If so, I have a new ebook coming out very shortly on that ;). You can use the betfair “what if” figures, which are the red and green numbers that pop up under each event outcome (or team for example) when you enter your stakes and odds on the betting slip, but BEFORE confirming (placing) your bets into the market for real. These are what most beginners use. Bet Angel I would think has ways of doing it too, maybe ask on the BA forum or email them to see?

      Best of luck, and enjoy that sunshine, ya traitor 😀

  2. Hello again Tim, Well things are starting to look up now that ive come to terms with the Spanish Betfair lingo! I feel comfortable with the LTD approach and having stuck with it,i am now beginning to claw back some of the losses from my very rocky start, with seven of my last nine trades being successful having halved my stakes. With the dreaded international break upon us once more,i thought it would be an ideal time to purchase your book and having done so,i was amazed to see that you use the same stats reference that ive always used “soccerway”,but for different purposes, trading as opposed to gambling,so this has given me confidence in my match selections and this is starting to show in my results.The thing with me is that ive always enjoyed reading football stats and your book has opened my eyes to their importance where trading is concerned.I now understand how to exit at the right time,although the urge to wait for another goal is never far away and the % of the bank rule is a very sensible recommendation.My stakes are small but its surprising how quickly you can make up the deficit even though i tend to get out pretty quick after the first goal and could probably have made more by waiting, but your quip about mr.greed and the tree made me laugh,so it sticks in my mind which is a good thing at my age!! Thanks again for an excellent read.

    • Hi Bob, Thanks for your message and good to hear you are starting to see some light since seeing what I do. I have lost count of how many people have tried this, and I did exactly the same thing. I am not a natural born trader like some people, so I think my only advantage is time. I lost thousands over my first year or two of trying to learn how to trade, but my losses did teach me a lot and led me to a much more successful path, I am happy to share it and hope it stands you in good stead for the future. You need an extra dose of self-control for the football break, as trades do come up during this period but they can be on the sketchy side and often its best to be doubly cautious during that time! All the best

  3. Hello again Tim,hope all is well. I wonder if you can help me as i am still on a huge learning curve with LTD. I traded this evening,s match between San Mar, and Boca juniors with the view that Boca would win it.I am only using small stakes and i LTD with 5 at 4.00 after watching the early part of the game,which confirmed Boca as being the better side.Boca duly scored and i was preparing to BTD to make a profit of half my original stake 2.50 at 8.00 and green up,when Boca scored again and the back price went haywire up to 34.My calculator gave me an amount to back that was way below the Betfair minimum of 2 and so i put 2 on at 34 which left me with all green of 3 if either team won and 51 if it was a draw! My question is, was there a way to equal out the 51 across all three outcomes and what should i do if the same circumstances arise again.I must admit to a slight panic at the time!!

    • Hiya Bob, crikey, I had to read that twice. If two goals from your favoured side made you panic, you need some better nerves, you should have been celebrating 😀 – only kidding, the less emotion the better, win or lose!
      trying to do the calculations on the fly is not wise, i am not sure why you haven’t used the Cash Out option, did you see that option? It’s a yellow button above the market when looking at that market in your browser. Once you enter any trade, the cash out button should show up, either take a red or a green, its basically a “get me out of this now with levelled up profit/loss across all outcomes” button. I never calculate my stakes, that button should take care of you. In this case, the second goal just meant much more green for you so that was nice. The cash out button should have shown an overall profit of probably double or more from your profit which would have been shown after the first goal. Try clicking that next time, if you can’t see it, contact Betfair support and ask them, or try their FAQ pages as it should be visible to everyone using Betfair.
      Have a look at this video – this should explain all….. no calculators needed, as it was in the bad old days!

  4. Thanks Tim for pointing out the cash out video.You would laugh if you saw me with my mobile phone trying to calculate the back odds needed to green up,hence the slight panic when betfair wouldnt accept the low stake needed,leading to me staking the minimum allowed of 2.
    The cash out is perfect as i tend not to hang about too long after the first goal,with your
    remark about Mr.Greed and the tree firmly planted in my mind. Along with your book LTD, its great when an experienced pro like yourself is willing to pass on your knowledge to help greenhorns like me.I am enjoying the experience of trading and the test of discipline that it brings and i thank you once again. I do hope you are winning your health battle,you deserve it!!

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