OMG – It worked?!

Thanks to Stuart who this morning alerted me to how it appears to be fixed. Betfair’s “All” or “Today” coupon DOES now show ALL games for today. I thought this was “impossible” yesterday, amazing how quick they overcame and rewrote the laws of physics! Thanks to all those who dropped a complaint or comment to Betfair. And as much as it pains me after so many years of horrifically bad customer service, I have to say thank you to Betfair for making the impossible possible, and fixing the buttons so they do show all games again. What a relief, and I am sure we just helped many thousands of Betfair traders who have never read my blog!

It’s official, ranting works. 😀 – reminds me of an unforgettable film scene which I promise had no influence on me at all…..



OMG – It worked?! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m waiting until after the weekend’s football to officially declare victory. It could be down to there being fewer games on a Monday.

    For the record, if you’ve got genuine constructive feedback to give Betfair, then rather than whine on their Community forum, the place to go is . I submitted some feedback about this issue yesterday, which has yet to be approved by the moderators, but chances are someone with the power to do something may have seen it.

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