Seems I am saying this every month, but I am unwell again and on strong antibiotics yet abloodygain. Half my own fault for being too run down, so much going on in life at the moment with sick relatives and all sorts of other stuff, but another month or so and I should have a lot of chaotic stuff organised better and will be back with a bang, already have some stuff written ready for the site but not publishing until I have time to do it properly, answer questions etc. So once again….. back soon folks!

P.S. Thanks to all those who have written in with stories of good success with LTD, it’s a really inspiring thing to read when I sit down for the odd email session, so keep it up! Cheers….


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  1. Hi again,

    I am still doing my commitment on LTD since I first bought your book. It is still going very well. Last month it was small profit but I was away to holiday for a week and then there was international week. (So you know I can’t do anything at all!)

    Then this month, big bang to make a good profits (Now nearly £12 per stake from £5 at the beginning) and I am still follow your strategy as usual. Very happy for four months so far. I will write a testimonial for you soon! 🙂



    PS: I can’t believe when I read about that some people think LTD is dead but it was not true! 🙂

    • Ha ha, Thanks Jono yes I find it quite funny when I hear people say “LTD doesn’t work any more”. The “any more” bit is what I find funny, suggesting it worked before, but for some mystical reason “it” suddenly stopped “working”. Funny, silly, but funny!
      Good work there, keep it up!

  2. Hi Tim,
    Sorry to read you are still on antibiotics.You need to get off them ASAP.
    LTD is going good for me, I’m putting in plenty of effort into it. Everyone talks about the winning trades. I had 3 positive trades today. Good Friday got home earely. I had 1 negetative trade today, and I think this trade sums the strength of LTD.
    I traded Stevenage vs Morecambe 0-1 for £50:00,This was a loosing trade, and all I lost was £2.10. If this was a straight bet I was down £50:00.
    I wish you a speedy recovery. Tom, Limerick

  3. Hello Tim,Sorry to hear you are struggling again.I certainly am no doctor but from my experience with the dreaded C, it sounds very much like your immune system needs a massive boost and one sure way to weaken your immune system is antibiotics which will leave you open to every infection/virus going around.The classic catch
    22 situation!! The Spanish way to treat ailments is to boost your immune system to prevent infections rather then using antibiotics,anyway hope you get back on track shortly. Just to let you know that i am becoming rather robotic in my trading with a swift retreat as soon as ive greened up and also the 60th minute im out like clockwork if the score is 0-0.But i have become disciplined to the point where it is resulting in a slow erosion of my bank as three successful trades are wiped out by a 60 minute red cash out!!I suppose this is inevitable taking small profits each time in relation to the odds (2.00)on a losing trade at 60 minutes.I dont want to get sucked in to waiting for a second goal as i have finally become disciplined and mastered the greed for more,so is there a way round this please Tim?

    • Hi Bob, thanks. Yes I am taking probiotics to counteract some of the not so good effects of the anti biotics, I was told this is prescribed along with the tablets in Switzerland, interesting!
      Not sure how to boost my immune system but I am sure diet is a lot to do with it and that’s going to be looked at seriously this year as I know it’s so overlooked by many people, and definitely could improve mine, the timing patterns as well as the food.
      Regarding your trading, good for you that you have got the robotic thing down to a tee nicely! Yes, a string of losses can demolish a lot of green. There are two comments I have here:

      1. STILL over the long term, with a decent strike rate, it’s profitable. But…..

      2. The reason I push strongly in the ebook for people to take that first goal green and bank it, is to try and cause people to do exactly what you have done, i.e. take EMOTIONAL CONTROL. This can not be over emphasised on importance, and it is FAR more important than actually mastering a trading method, as any method is useless in the hands of someone who still hasn’t got the right trading mindset. Once you have mastered it, as you seem to, you can start to hold out for a second goal in SOME games, very few to begin with, the very strongest ones with strong stats, and an early goal. You can often wait until HT with very little real world risk. However, there is a BIG risk EMOTIONALLY in doing this. It is a big emotional blow to watch a trade which is winning (1-0) turn to a paper red trade when an equaliser gets scored. That is far too much of a psychological blow for most beginner traders (or any traders in fact) to handle, so I deliberately don’t suggest doing this for new traders. However, once you are progressing nicely and have the psychological stuff well under control, learning to let some games go to a second goal can literally double your profit, of course IF you are choosing which ones to hold on to with a good strike rate. The chances are, after some experience and profitable 1 goal trading, most traders are able to spot the games worth holding on for a second goal. So that’s the “Secret” if there is one, but really there isn’t. It’s just a case of more profitability being available (a lot more) by that second goal, as most games see that as a “can’t lose” scoreline, whereas a busy game with 1 goal difference can often be seen as “anyone’s game” until very late on hence the late price collapse (long after we have exited).

      I don’t like to talk about this too much and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to new traders in the ebook as I think it’s an irresponsible thing to do, I know how much total beginners just want to learn the ropes, and this needs a very steady and methodical approach, step by step really. You may be ready to take that second step. 🙂

      Got to dash, got a KFC waiting. Joke 😀

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