Replies to a few readers….

back the draw bet

Hi all, just a quickie to comment on some emails and reader-suggested trades today… Kawasaki – This is a good price for a LTD and I would not be against the idea of a trade from KO at 3.8ish, however the better option in my view is a wait and see job, HT LTD if scores are level, with (and/or) perhaps an Overs bet at HT if it’s 0-0 (small one as bet or larger one as a trade out after 1 or 2 goals)   Kofu v Kashiwa – I can’t remember who was considering trading this as an away LTD now, but my thoughts are a definite NO …

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Rigged game?

Well I have had another couple of crazy weeks involving hospitals and NHS mistakes which I won’t even go into as my blood is boiling enough that I can’t bear to talk about it right now, I will put my energy into a monster complaint instead. I had a message from a regular reader (thanks T) with a screenshot of a game yesterday..   I didn’t get the email until today but how surprised do you think I was to find this…… I wonder if any other readers spotted it? I also would be curious to know what the 0-0 correct score was, and various other prices as there may …

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