Rigged game?

Well I have had another couple of crazy weeks involving hospitals and NHS mistakes which I won’t even go into as my blood is boiling enough that I can’t bear to talk about it right now, I will put my energy into a monster complaint instead.

I had a message from a regular reader (thanks T) with a screenshot of a game yesterday..

possibly rigged football game

“Why such low odds on the draw with such little time gone in the game, does not seem right at all.”


I didn’t get the email until today but how surprised do you think I was to find this……

Girona v Zaragoza

I wonder if any other readers spotted it? I also would be curious to know what the 0-0 correct score was, and various other prices as there may have been a clever way to capitalise on this apparently rigged game, the draw price is where all the big punter money usually goes but there are often more sneaky ways to take advantage.

Also note the huge volume on a second league spanish game, nearly a million quid 13 minutes in!


Rigged game? — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Tim,sorry to hear about your ongoing illness mate i hope things get sorted soon. I was given this on a group i`m in, didn`t get in on it stupidly , was going to dutch 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 (only 2-2 as i done one a couple of weeks back, dutched 0-0, 1-1 and it ended 2-2!)0-0 was if i remember rightly about 2.3. All the best mate.

    • Thanks Shane. When you say “dutched” what do you mean? Ducthing before the off or during the game?
      I get so many people using words like “dutching” but they often mean something totally different to the only type of dutching I have done, there is a lot of mixed terminology in this game

  2. Hi Tim, Hope you get your health issues sorted out soon. Clearly driving you mad!

    With regards to the ‘Rigged Game’ How on earth do they get way with it?


    • Thanks Andy. I have seen quite a few apparently rigged games in my time, this one certainly looked like another based on the odds but Craig explained above that it was a game where both teams wanted a draw. I am not 100% sure there was a bit more to it than that as I have seen games where both teams wanted a draw before and the odds don’t often look like that, and teams still often go for a win as it can’t hurt to have one! But either way, it is definitely sometimes done and I can only assume they get away with it because the officials aren’t as big as the families involved. Just my guess of course, one I ope won’t cause me to meet with a bullet or a horse’s head. 😀

  3. Hi Tim,
    Sorry to hear about your ongoing illness and i hope you fight it off sooner rather than later. As i said before, a strong immune system goes a long way! Right onto last nights fix. I had heard rumours earlier about an agreement being made that would suit
    both sides and this quickly became apparent with the amount of money being wagered on
    a Spanish league 2 game,around 11000 euros apparently? Things became even stranger after going onto bet 365 where they had Gerona at 10,Zaragoza at 34 and the draw at 1.1,which suggested the bookies would lay any Price except the draw! I smelled a very big rat when half time was reached without a single shot on goal! At the 80 min mark they had Gerona at 29,Zaragoza at 38 and the draw at 1.02. The final stats read no shots on target, 2 off target and the perfect result for those in the know!!!

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