In play and LTF ebooks

I have had some great feedback on the new ebooks, especially the In Play ebook which is thankfully doing the business and helping people bank some decent profits already, that’s extremely satisfying for me and makes me pleased I did end up producing it which was no small project I can tell you! Hope you all have a sunny weekend like I am, and thanks again for all the emails with such positive comments about the new ebooks, it means a lot to read those.

In Play horses and Lille

Well firstly the French footie –  Lille was mentioned to me by a few people today for various reasons, but for those who saw it as a “lay caen” or “back lille” opp, I would certainly agree with either. there was a better way (totally different) to trade it but I was busying around with horses today so I didnt look at it until a while after the 0-1 goal. The small back bet didn’t pan out but that’s fine, they can’t always and this was one I would take any time. You can see why I stake small this time of year though as I do always feel early season …

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New article and IR racing trading ebook

I have just finished slogging out the last ebook I will be taking on for a little while. I have added an article on the site about the same subject – In Play Racing Trading. I know a fair number of my readers have been doing football for a long while but have been waiting for my racing ebooks before dabbling in the horsey markets. I take that as a compliment from those of you who have been patiently nudging me along for the past, what, 3 years?! Once again, since I know you are all signed up to the ezine list or faceslap page, I have created a 20% …

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New product

Well typically, I have overdone the hours again. Burning the midnight oil to get some products written for the past week or two and I have come down with another infection so I am back on my 5th course of strong antibiotics. Just what I needed, not! Anyway, I am pleased to be able to report that a new product is now available – Laying The Field. As usual, this is my own approach to a method which some people may have heard of, and the ebook details every single minute detail I possibly consider when using it. I have also published a new article on the site about this …

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