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Well typically, I have overdone the hours again. Burning the midnight oil to get some products written for the past week or two and I have come down with another infection so I am back on my 5th course of strong antibiotics. Just what I needed, not!

Laying The Field eBookAnyway, I am pleased to be able to report that a new product is now available – Laying The Field.

As usual, this is my own approach to a method which some people may have heard of, and the ebook details every single minute detail I possibly consider when using it. I have also published a new article on the site about this method which can be found under “Lay All

I know many people have been waiting for this (and another one is coming very shortly I promise) so I am doing a discount coupon for the loyal readers of these ramblings. If you buy the new LTF ebook, enter coupon code “READER” (without quotes) at the checkout and you will get a nice 20% off. This won’t be running for much more than a week as this post will obviously be available for all to see into the future, but for those who were waiting, it’s my way of saying sorry it took longer than expected.

More exciting stuff to come in the very very near future (week max if I pick up a bit here), so until then, happy trading and thanks for the emails from people showing how laying the draw can work very nicely even out of the UK football season! Well done to all of you. That’s all for now….


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    • Sorry James. There is some confusion in the cart somehow, so it appears to be saying the product is “not approved” to SOME people but not to all. Until that’s fixed I would hang on. There should be a cart coupon code entry field, thats what I was told anyway. I will clarify, hang fire and I will add a post once the product is sorted out in their system properly.

    • Thanks Lee. Not as a fixed number no, there are various approaches to the method and the one I use is the in play one as I am usually trading the races in play with other methods anyway so this one either fits based on what I am seeing of the running or it doesn’t and therefore it is mingled amongst all my other pre-race and IR stuff. The method in the ebook (as well as covering the one I use) explains the blanket/systematic approach which I haven’t used in isolation for quite a few years so it’s not a standalone method for me.
      Besides, even if I had a fixed number, it wouldn’t really help others anyway as there are too many variations on trading the same method. The many variables are included so readers can fine tune their own selections which some readers are already doing to improve their success.

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