New article and IR racing trading ebook

I have just finished slogging out the last ebook I will be taking on for a little while. I have added an article on the site about the same subject – In Play Racing Trading.

In Play Horse Racing Trading Methods eBookI know a fair number of my readers have been doing football for a long while but have been waiting for my racing ebooks before dabbling in the horsey markets. I take that as a compliment from those of you who have been patiently nudging me along for the past, what, 3 years?!

Once again, since I know you are all signed up to the ezine list or faceslap page, I have created a 20% discount coupon which will last at least a week, so you should all have a chance to grab it at a reduced price if you are one of those waiting for it. The code is “INRUNNING” (all one word without quotes), enter that in the “coupon” field when ordering and then click “Apply” before you checkout. The ordering page is here.

I am now pretty exhausted and need a good break from writing before I put together the last of the big ones, the pre race trading guide (which I do still plan to get done so no moans please, you want it to be good don’t you?!!)

I need to be very fresh for that one, so I will need a little gap before doing it the justice it deserves! I am planning on just taking a short break from all office stuff (still getting over yet another short bout of unwellness!) and then a good bit of pre-race trading will set my mind up nicely to document the billion odd things I must have to say about that wonderful but often tricky subject!

All the best for now and hope everyone has enjoyed this pathetic excuse for a ‘summer’, and getting ready for lots of cold rainy winter footbally nights in front of the Betputer. 🙂


New article and IR racing trading ebook — 2 Comments

    • Sorry, far too big a question to answer here, and I won’t ever tell people what they “should” do. But the subject is of course important and when I get round to publishing a pre-race guide, it will be covered in detail with suggestions. As always, if pushed for an answer, my answer is “as small as possible”. By the nature of the question, anyone asking it is unaware how much they will make on a winning trade, so they need baby stakes until no longer learning the ropes. Once someone is doing nicely, catching trends and reversals, not making novice errors, chasing losses etc, they will know themselves how much they want to stake based on how much they can afford and how much they want to make. I can’t answer better than that I am afraid.

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