Currently 1-2 –  Someone asked me about pescara and yes the stats support at least a small bet on Pescara or lay of Cittadella. Its quite late on in the game now, so it’s very 50-50 for me, but the goal stats say quite a lot, and I would have fancied a draw based on their past results and the early goal from away team. Far from guaranteed this one but 3.33 goals scored at home on average (and unbeaten record) and for me this is a simple probabilities bet

PS This post was just to answer a question, it’s not some kind of “tip” to suggest people dive in on it. It could easily see no more goals given the current scoreline and Citadella do seem to have had most of the attacking possession, but I am in for a small bet anyway simply because the stats tell me to and I am happy to lose a few quid here. 🙂

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