Perugia beaten 5-1!! Actually not a losing trade for people who stayed in until HT (longest I would ever wait, as soon as green appears I am out when away team score first). But 5-1!? This is a team who score 0.33 goals per game on average away from home! One to make a note of, not to trade in future but to be aware of so you don’t let the new away goal scoring average fool you into expecting goals!

Palermo scored nice and early, didn’t beat the other team which looked likely but then we don’t care who wins, just who scores first.

It looks like being a Sunday, the stats took the day off 😀


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  1. Hi Tim
    I have been dabbling in trading for a while now but never really stuck to any one strategy. I kind of thought LTD was dead but reading your blog etc, it sounds like you may have found a better way using a better selection strategy. Can you honestly say this is still making good profits and also, can selections be done in advance ( ie. night or 2 before game). Limited time as young family. What I do have though is betfair app on mobile phone plus flashscores app to give alarms when goals are scored within selected matches. Can you give me some assurance that your system is still profitable.

    • Hi Derek, quick reply here as I am on my way out. YES, LTD can certainly provide long term and reliable profits month on month, year on year. Does it for everyone? NO!
      There are several crucial keys, and one of them you mentioned yourself. You can’t “dabble” with any kind of trading, dabbling with various methods is about the worst way to approach trading. It just doesn’t work. If one method takes a temporary dip, people tend to (naturally) lean towards something else, that dabble takes a dip, they lean to yet another method. No method works every single day. There will be losing days for certain, hopefully not many but definitely some. MONEY MANAGEMENT is key. You need to be staking regularly and consistently with numbers which allow you some room for bad days and losing trades. But yes I have many readers who have written in with excited reports on how well they are doing, over days, weeks and months, no doubt years too but they probably forgot about me by then 😀
      You are busy (who isn’t these days!) and therefore you need to know YOU can find time to put into it, find the best trades, have what it takes to turn DOWN trades you have doubts about, etc etc. In other words, I can’t know you will make long term profits because I don’t know you or how you will behave, how you will stake, how you will select games etc. But I can certainly say many people make regular profits with LTD all over the world. One thing they have in common is they don’t “dabble” with it, they do it religiously, carefully and sensibly like a business. If you think you can do that, yes you can grow a nice betfair bank with this method I am quite sure of that.
      Main point is whether you have the time and other things needed to make it work. My LTD method comes with a 60 day no quibble money back guarantee, that’s a long time, and certainly long enough to put it into practice for a good period to decide if you can do it, if you have the time needed, if you have the tools needed, the psychology needed, and so on. So by all means but it and find out what its about, when to do the selections (yes night before is fine) and if you don’t like it for any reason even before trading with it, a refund is a click away. Can’t say fairer than that. But once again, my strongest advice is stop dabbling, find a method and get to know it inside out, ignore everything else and make that your single activity on betfair for a while. That’s the only way to give any method a fair chance, and yourself 🙂
      Best of luck whatever you decide.

  2. Thank you Tim for quick response. I am going to jump on board with your system and see where it takes me. I will solely put my faith in your system and give it a shot, no jumping about from system to system. It’s very refreshing to have a mentor who I can contact if I run into difficulty and I think you seem like a genuine guy so thanks for that. look forward to getting this started.
    Best Regards

  3. Hi Tim
    I tried paying for your system via one of the links provided. I was guided to the clickbank payment screen where I selected to pay using paypal. It took me to my paypal login and I press pay now. It then sent me back to the previous screen and nothing else happened. I tried it again and same thing happened. Not sure if I have now paid you twice but could you possibly check your end and I’ll check mine later. Can you let me know. Thanks

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