You couldn’t make this stuff up!!!!

Away goal 5 minutes in. HA HA HA, A few of you have asked me to stop commenting on games they are trading as I always seem to “jinx” them. I often say I don’t believe in that stuff, but some days I do have to wonder! Well what we have now is (another) game which has bucked the stats trend (big time in this case!). This now presents other ops, this will be a game of goals. The away team’s usually defensive approach to games against stronger teams has obviously not played out here, which means the gloves are off and I fancy backing the home team now at a very nice price, or laying the away team.

Or of course the fact I have even mentioned this game might lead the wise or superstitious readers to run a mile and just watch the away team win 14-0. 😀 – It’s actually now far more likely that a major shock could happen here, so I wouldn’t begrudge anyone from leaving it alone.

I am still laughing here 😀

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