A few football trading comments for today

Howdy all. A few readers have asked about a few games today so I am going to list a few which I think are worth a comment or two today: Sevilla v Getafe : The odds are currently 4.6 on the draw. I like the look of this. It’s not without risks, the main risks are an early goal from Getafe or a slow start from Sevilla. I would not oppose the idea of a trade from KO here, but a safer option would be to wait 15 minutes. For those with very limited banks, as always I would lean towards taking less risk and waiting for the circumstances to …

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Decent day. Only Man U left for me and not been electrified by the game but I think a goal or two is coming. I am laying Under 2.5 goals at 1.11. Cue a no score draw! Not bothered, good day either way, and there should be a goal or two. Hope you all survived the partying and once again, here’s to 2018 for all of us. Cheers for now.

Happy New Year Betfair Traders!

Well here begins another one! My NY celebrations fell apart at the last minute so like a sad old git I had a nice bottle of 10 year old red with my 20 year old wife (well ok, but she looked it after the wine) and she fell asleep in front of some mainstream TV dribble, so I buggered off to the office to do a few bits and check out the footie stats. How sad! Not really, starting the new year on a trading note is never a bad move in my book! So before covering a couple of the games I am interested in, I wanted to wish …

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