Some Saturday LTD picks and….

Here are a few picks for tomorrow, I didn’t realise how long since I posted on here, funny how you get out of the habit of something and it’s easy to forget about for a while! I have been really busy away from trading too for a few months, trips here there and everywhere but back home and hoping to slow down a bit for summer this year.

As it’s been a while, and as so many people have reported some great results after reading my In Play Racing ebook, I have decided to chuck out a decent discount just for the weekend so that a few of the more cash-strapped readers can get a copy. In fact the coupon will apply to any of my ebooks so if you want one on the cheap, now is the time as I rarely offer discounts as I can’t be bothered to set up the code :D. Use coupon code MAY2018 at the checkout to get 30% off any purchases until midnight Sunday. This applies to any of the ebooks which are listed here.

So, some footie picks which I just scanned very quickly before I crank up the pizza oven and start spinning some dough on the ceiling, too sunny to sit at desk much longer today!

Metz v Bordeaux – It’s an away LTD so it’s a beginner’s “avoid” really, but I like the look of it. Bordeaux are scoring goals and actually score more often away than at home (more failed to score at home). They have a good record against Metz, and the teams they have beaten recently away from home were decent teams, Metz are dragging along the bottom of the league, and that makes it just about a trade for me. However I would probably wait 20-25 minutes to get in, hopefully for a nice cheap price and ready for a decent green when they score one or perhaps two.  (Exit would be decided depending on the play and time of goal)

Toulouse v Guingamp – Not sure what’s going on here. The price seems way off. The stats show hardly any difference, Toulouse is lower in league, not sure how to deal with it if it all. I think I would consider backing the draw here (or laying Toulouse is a gutsier move). Back draw for 20 minutes, possibly 30 but I doubt it will get that far without goals. There looks to be some value in it, obviously no crystal ball available, but the stats and the prices do not match at all, so I would dabble somewhere in the market.

Saint Etienne v Lille – LTD @ HT until 60-65 mins if the scores are level.

Lyon v Nice – Stats suggest a goalsy game here. I would hope to sit tight for 10-15 minutes and LTD at 5, but I may be tempted to go in much earlier if it looks like a goal fest from the KO.

Caen v PSG – LTD from KO. Regardless of that, if for some reason the scores are level at 75 minutes I will LTD as a bet to the end.

Sevilla v Alaves – Unlikely but if it’s level at HT, I will LTD until 60-65 mins (or lay U2.5, depending on value)

Celta Vigo v Levante – Again unlikely but it’s a LTD or Lay Under around 60-65 mins if level.

Hope you all have a good day, that’s just a few which are of interest to me tomorrow. Til next time…..


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