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International V Recife – Its a bit high priced, looks a good pick but I don’t think I would want in until the draw is priced below 4.2, so a chance to watch some of the game or wait for 20-30 minutes. If its 0-0 at 30 mins I would definitely be getting involved, but the away team could score (very tight defence for Inter though) so need to be a bit careful and ready to handle a 0-1 situation.

I am working hard on the pre race horse racing ebook many of you will be pleased to hear. It’s got to be good, so it’s taking a LOOOOOONG while to put together. It’s amazing just how many things need thinking about, and I don’t want to leave a single thing out. It’s going to be long, detailed, and I am sure it will be pretty damn powerful for those really committed to this holy grail of Betfair trading. Will announce it soon, hopefully 1-2 weeks max.

Oh and PS – The site is GDPR compliant (new EU data laws). I have always used the strongest double opt-in email system so I was already 90% compliant anyway, but I added a page about data and user’s right to be forgotten and email list data handling, and all subscribers already know that they can unsubscribe with one click in any of the emails from the list, so everything is crossed and dotted here 🙂

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Well for those who didn’t see it, that game ended 0-0. First full allowance loss I have had for a little while, but whenever that happens I always look back to see IF there was something I could done differently. Usually the answer is no, and SHOULD be no! But in this case, I noticed I broke one of the rules from my own lay the draw method (duh), I feel quite the plonker about it too. I did the stats in a rush, and failed to notice that the two teams are “league neighbours” which I say to avoid in the ebook, the reason being that they can often be close-matched affairs with very few goals, no 5hit! So, a slap on the wrist, in THIS case the trade was a loss but not a “good loss”, it was a bad selection because it broke the rules. Need to stop rushing through the stats, always learning here! All this international junk must have made me lazy!


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