The Gods don’t want this damn pre-race book published!

I really can’t bear to spout more excuses, that’s what it feels like I have been doing so far. But I had to stick a post on here just to update those waiting for the pre-race stuff. I am utterly in disbelief at what has happened in the past few days, it’s really as if someone up there doens’t want this to happen. BUT IT WILL! That much I can promise, and it won’t be long either as it’s half-written.

I got an infection which I have had before, but this time the antibiotics didn’t work like they did last time (2-3 days started to see clear up). This time nothing happened it got worse. Spent two days in and out of casualty having various people consider various things, cut me open (minor incision, not a scene from Hamburger Hill), and more. We have a relative with us at the moment and while I was in casualty her dog ran through our greenhouse and cut himself up, rushed to emergency surgery. He is now home with us but looks like he has had a bad reaction to anaesthetic so not sure what is going to happen there at the moment. Also while I was in the waiting room, after 4 hours I was considering going home as I felt awful and there was no end in sight to the wait. In walks a pi55-head spouting about “bloody northerners, they just beat me up” and proceeding to shake hands with everyone (except me as I made it clear he shouldn’t try that), then began taking the pi55 out of everyone sat in the waiting room. When he finally targeted the elderly couple sat next to me, I lost my rag. I stood up and was about to give him a piece of my mind when my name was called. Someone was shining on me because that would not have ended well, he had royally annoyed me and he was in typical irrational “take on the world” drunk mode. I was more than happy to be that world for him too, he was a complete oxygen thief and I was picturing what shade of blue he might turn when I began starving him of the rest of the world’s oxygen.

Anyway, I was saved from that, although I had a quiet word with him after I was seen, bit calmer then, and advised him to shut his oversized mouth and have some effing respect for those who hadn’t spent all day on the Special Brew. He (thankfully) didn’t feel like taking me on at that point and sat in his chair going red instead of blue, second best I suppose.

I got home, to hear my wife telling me how our chlidren are all developing measles symptoms, and I have never had it (nor been vaccinated). I therefore thought I should post a message, I am doing the best to stay away from my kids (always been a policy of mine anyway :D), but I COULD be in for yet more crap to come. Hopefully not.

Hate to disappoint but to be safe I think I should say it could be 1-2 weeks until the ebook is out

I will leave you with the scene that was going through my mind not too long ago…..


The Gods don’t want this damn pre-race book published! — 8 Comments

    • I know I know, sorry, I am flat out on it, YES it will be done soon. I wrote it, then had some feedback that it was quite advanced and needed to bring people up to speed from ‘ground zero’ so I am rewriting it to cover the basics which is adding a lot more time (and words) to it! Definitely will be done soon, estimate 1-2 weeks. Thanks

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