This is extremely painful to type, I was absolute certain that I would be posting an update last week to say “ebook ready!”. I am not going to bore you all with the reasons/excuses (no, they really are reasons, unavoidable bloody annoying ones too) but between some more health issues and a very serious family issue which will consume me for the next week, I won’t be able to write much if anything until around a week today, and I think it needs 1 week of very dedicated work, but given how things go for me, i should say make that 2 weeks to be safe.

So I expect 2-3 weeks and the ebook will be done. It’s coming on great, and I am 99% sure it will be the most thorough, detailed and useful information product avialable for pre-race trading anywhere. Knowing, as I do now, that I can produce something extremely useful for the many of you who seriously want to tackle racing trading professionally, I am absolutely refusing to rush it through now just to avoid having to post these agitating “sorry” messages but I am going to resist that again and just deliver the best I can when it’s ready, rather than delivering it on time! I know, it sounds a bit lame, but it is the truth.

I think it has already grown to over 4 times the predicted length, and it will double or treble again before it’s complete. I can’t rush this final stage, it needs to be the best I can make it, and a couple more weeks will ensure I achieve that.

Once again, sorry for the disappointment, and once again I hope when those of you who want it finally get to read it, you will be pleased I didn’t cut corners or rush it.

All the best for now….

P.S. Great to hear from so many LTD junkies that the season is going well for many of you, for those waiting for replies to emails, I will reply as soon as I can but my replies will be delayed for the next month or so.

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