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Hi all, you’re probably expecting an update on the ebook but that’s not what this post is for, although I am STILL writing I am sorry to say!

This is just a very quick post after a friend of mine mentioned RUK’s ‘Bandwagon Offer’ announced today. Sorry, I call it that, they call it a “Black Friday” offer, you know, the day after Thanksgiving, that day we don’t celebrate in the UK and never effing have…… oh what’s the point, nobody cares what I think anyway… 😀

The point is – IF you trade horse racing or are planning on doing so soon, this is one hell of an offer. RUK is usually £25 per month, but the offer announced today means you can get it for £10 a month fixed for one year, but it is a 12 month minimum contract. I am only mentioning it because I know some readers have talked about getting it in the past but never did, at £10 a month it’s a LOT of money saved over the year, so if any of you are considering getting it any time soon, get it TONIGHT!

My pre-race trading ebook WILL be available very soon I promise, and when it is, you will see that I recommend RUK as I use it myself. However, for those who don’t have the spare change to invest in it, you CAN trade without it, it is not an essential item for trading. It’s just a luxury option because it saves you having to load up every race in the Betfair video browser, and it also saves you ‘buying’ those pictures by placing a small bet on the ladders before your pictures will go live for you. I wouldn’t trade without it, but I certainly could, so please don’t feel you must run and buy it. It’s just a heads up for those who are already considering it. Here is the offer –

I am not going to spend time explaining the delays on the ebook, well they aren’t delays really, just loads more work I didn’t foresee. I also had a nice little computer collapse which cost me about 50 pages so that took days to rewrite! Anyway, that’s enough from me, I am back to the ebook and will update as soon as it’s done.

Hope y’all have an “awesome black friday” whatever the feck one of those is. 🙂

Cheers for now,


Mr Meldrew

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