Annual Update & Yes, it’s done!

Hi all, (assuming you’re still here!)

I am so sorry for all the delays, even though I know my apologies and excuses must sound pretty hollow by now! I knew it was bad, but I didn’t realise how bad. I happened to look back through my emails and even some of the comments on the site pages, and there were conversations almost 2 years ago where I said it “wouldn’t be long” until I’d release a detailed ebook covering pre-race trading. The response to my free article on the subject greatly increased the number of requests and therefore the pressure on me to hurry it up, but I still can’t believe it took this long to get it done.

Stress signLife has really flown by these last few years and it seems like things are speeding up, which is the wrong direction, things should be slowing down! So I am pretty certain I won’t be doing any more writing, at least not on anything like this scale again. Running the site has been about 100 times more demanding than I ever expected when I started it. I was told running a blog was ‘easy these days’ and only needed a few hours a week, but it has often felt more like a full-time job. Bugs, hacking attempts, emails, post comments, hosting issues, payment processor issues (good bye to that now, thanks to a great new system), it just never seems to end. It isn’t quite finished with either because the site needs a software update to keep it secure and running smoothly etc, so I have that to deal with and then I am hoping everything on the website side of things will slow down and just tick over in the background for me like it used to. Amen to that!

I had to take a fairly major decision in light of this new ebook. I won’t go into the boring details here, suffice to say the old order system was a pain in the rear-end and I could no longer bear the amount of apparent thievery going on with my ebooks. I have explained the decision in more detail here, but the short version is that I no longer offer buyers of my ebooks an automatic right to a refund. That’s not to say I would never provide one, it just means buyers can’t buy an ebook knowing they can get it for free if they feel like doing so! That had to stop, especially with the release of the pre-race ebook.

Another change is a new payment processor system, well it’s actually more of a product delivery system designed specifically for digital products. It is much more efficient and it has some great security features to encrypt and protect the ebooks from unauthorised sharing. The old system provided no security features whatsoever. This ensures that I get paid for my work and also assures buyers that the only other people reading and using the material they paid for are a small number of other paying customers. No freeloaders.

The download system is now better, faster, more secure, and offers other options such as downloading to Dropbox. This is handy because the latest ebook is a whopping 58 megabytes, it was 120MB until I found a way to compress it down. This size makes downloading potentially more difficult for some, and obviously too big for email, so the new system should make sure downloads work properly first time. Oh and also, the new system has a ‘Product Update’ feature which I think will be very useful. It means I can contact all buyers of any individual ebook, via the deilvery system, for example when I update an ebook with newer/additional information, correct any errors which come up as Betfair or trading software changes in the future, and any other reason I want buyers to get a new copy. I can just send one email and all buyers will get a new link to download the updated version (free of course). Nice!

FacebookFaceplant – I have a facebook page for the site. I was told it’s “essential” in the modern internet, apparently if you don’t have one, you don’t “exist” as far as Google and other search engines are concerned. Despite my feelings about that, I reluctantly “complied” and set one up. I don’t post on it, I can’t actually remember the last time I logged into it (years I think), but the site automatically copies any blog posts over onto the Facebook page. It just meant people had another way to see any new posts. This led quite a lot of people to use the “Like” button to follow the site rather than subscribing to the email list which, in hindsight, I should have made the only option.

I tried to log in yesterday as the connection between this blog and the Facebook page dropped out. To set it up again, I had to log into FB, could I do that?! Correct password didn’t help me, their automated system detected some “suspicious activity” (I know what that is, it’s ME LOGGING IN!) and blocked my access. So this post and any future ones will NOT go onto the FB page. I am struggling to get back in and I MAY just dump FB altogether. I would feel quite good about deleting it, but it may make the site less popular. I could actually live with that, I don’t exactly need more stuff to do these days anyway, and life would be simpler (and feel better in all honesty) having nothing to do with Facebook whatsoever.

As a result, please note that you can no longer use FB to stay up to date with this site’s content.

So if you haven’t done so before, please sign up to the email list using the form in the sidebar on the right hand side. That’s the one list I have which I actually control completely, and nobody can lock me out of it. Signing up to that will mean you get an email automatically every time I publish any new posts here, as well as giving me a way to update subscribers outside of the site if I need to, for instance if the site went down or got hacked or whatever. It’s 100% spam-free, and I am big on privacy so you needn’t worry about your details finding their way onto a tipsters mailing list, or a Viagra list either for that matter! I may manage to get back into the FB page, but even if I do, I may still just get rid of it so please don’t rely on that any more. Sorry for the hassle, I knew I should have listened to my gut feeling when I started the bloody Facehook page!

That’s about it for a general update, although I would like to thank the two readers who have read the new ebook and are giving their reviews of it. I have one review already, the other is a bit delayed due to flu but will be added to the site soon. The feedback from them (and a trader friend who also read it) is excellent, far better than I ever hoped for.

pre-race trading ebook imageThe pre-race ebook will be live once I publish this post. The price is higher than the others at £147. This is partly because the ebook is an absolute monster at 460 pages long which took many months to put together. It’s also because it’s by far the best content I have written (or ever will), and because I would rather have fewer but more committed readers than a load of less-committed people who will probably not do anything useful with it. The ebook is massively detailed and will take a long time to read and study, only those seriously committed to taking on the huge challenge of a career in pre-race trading will even get through the ebook, never mind the practice and learning required in the markets. The price will therefore not only reflect the immense amount of work I have put into this, but it will make the decision to buy it a much bigger one which will hopefully mean a higher success rate so that more people who read it actually go on to become full time racing traders using the information I provide, which is my own personal hope for this ebook. I am genuinely excited to see how many people I can help do that.

Despite how keen I am to deter the uncommitted folks, I don’t want to put off any of my regular readers who I know were waiting for it. Even though I am sure the standard price is an absolute bargain for anyone serious about putting it to proper use, I think the support and patience many of you have shown is worthy of a substantial discount. I am therefore providing a 7 day discount coupon (expires Saturday 26th Jan) giving subscribers a decent £37 off to bring the price down to £110, which I think anyone who reads it will agree is a very sweet price for what you’ll be learning. Like anything, if you do nothing with it, it’s money wasted. If you do something with it, it will be the best spend you ever made, I really am confident in that statement. I believe that everything you need to know in order to make a full-time career out of the pre-race markets is contained in this ebook, and it’s explained in extremely fine detail. Hence you’ll probably need to read it several times in order to fully absorb it all. For those interested, use discount coupon £37OFF-7DAYS

I would be very grateful for any feedback from those who read it, whether just a one liner or a detailed critique, all comments are welcome. Also any feedback on the checkout process would be appreciated as it’s brand new and hopefully will work nicely as it did in testing. If you have any problems with ordering or downloading, please let me know so I can sort out any issues. Click here to go to the ebook page.

Apologies again for the many delays in getting this done, but now that it is I am looking forward to some time away from the screen to let my eyes recover before getting back to the markets properly, I have hardly touched Betfair this year! I wish everyone an exciting and successful 2019, and hope this site gives a few leg-ups to those hoping to make some big changes for themselves this year.

Bye for now!


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