Back to old habits!

Sorry, goal came within a minute of publishing that post. Why does that always happen?!

I also note that the Aweber (email subscription) didn’t deliver the email instantly to me, so there is a delay in that system which never used to exist. I am going to discuss this with Aweber and if they can’t provide the service I am used to (instant emails after I post) then I will change the service while I am making a load of other site changes, these posts need to get out instantly, the winners, not just the losers, haha!!

Celtic is currently in half time. I haven’t followed much Scottish football lately but the stats page (on face value anyway) suggests 0-0 won’t remain until the end:

footie stats tradingFailed to score – 0. Av goals per game 3, concede 0.36, gotta be a Celtic win. The question is when will they start scoring? The second half looks good for more goals (including St Johnstone), but it could be late, so I don’t fancy a pricey LTD at still around 4 at HT, that’s insane. but a lay of unders looks reasonable value, around 1.3 currently.

Atalanta v Juventus – It’s a cup game so I wouldn’t normally touch it, but at now 2-0 to Atalanta, I think a small stakes lay of them at around 1.2 can’t be a bad bat. A goal from Juventus would create profit which could be greened or just have liability removed. I am not watching the game so I would just take the green if they score. Small stakes for def, bloody cup games half my confidence, but it’s still a bit of value I think.

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