Ha, well that serves me right. I opened this post to say that Bournemouth Chelsea won’t stay 0-0, I had an order to lay under2.5 but it’s unmatched at 1.3 so I missed out. However the goal is from home team (which would have made a great lay of unders!) so there may be value to come, although I would usually want to see 2 dog goals before laying them or backing the other team. I am not that impressed with Chelsea’s away stats but they should score, it could be 1-1, 1-2, or even 2-1. I think I have missed this one so I will probably close that tab down and leave it alone.

Liverpool v Leicester – I fancied a goal from Leicester and was considering a few quid backed at 48 on Leicester but Leicester have now equalised. If anyone is thinking “that’s a great LTD” – I disagree. It’s a terrible one! The price is a ridiculous 4, so while it will no doubt be a winner, the price makes it a silly risk v reward so I will be ignoring that game too now (unless Leicester go ahead anyway).

Ah Celtic goal, nice timing, hope some of you had a bit of green there.

Edit: Make that 2-0, 2 goals in 2 minutes, can’t be bad!

Actually I won’t be trading out of my under 2.5 trade fully greened. Last time they played, Celtic beat Johnstone 6 goals to nil, AWAY from home! Their home form suggests an easy win for a 2.5 trade, I rarely let a trade run as a full bet, but this time I will exit with most green on over2.5, so i can’t lose but need another goal for decent green, I am 90% confident of it. Famous last words! Gotta go where the stats take me!

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