Just asking a quick favour. I may have said similar things in the past (MANY times!) but if I ever post about a trade on Braga, please fire me a quick email calling me something beginning with C. It just might remind me that they always add a dampener to an otherwise great day!!!! Losing 2-0 at home, WTF?! I am never bothered by these, they come along regularly in trading, but the ONLY team which ALWAYS seems to be that one, is Braga! That’s the last time I trade them (I know I know, I have said that a hundred times, I just hate to believe in this kind of stuff as stats are always king, but win or lose, I am never touching them again!! They are bad for my health!) Hope a few of you had some nice greens, Milan was a corker, as was Waalwik, what a game. Anyway, I will leave you with Braga’s amazing stats. Just for 5hits and giggles!

Braga stats

Braga stats

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