Holding Message

Hi all, just a quick comment here because I am without access to email at the mo. I had a minor computer meltdown during my office reorganisation. I didn’t find out til I got back from visiting family and so I have spent the last week or two fixing and buying stuff. It led me to spending a small fortune on a whole new office set up, nice new furniture and a general spruce up, moved my Sky system and changed my working position so everything feels nice and fresh. I like to do that every few years just to avoid getting too comfy, but this time I rushed around and banged a few things which resulted in a new computer being needed, and that led me into a shop, and that led me into some new screens and….. well you probably know the rest!

Anyway, this is just to say that I am WAY behind on emails and I know quite a few people have sent me messages about racing trading. I will get to those very soon, but just so you know why I am not replying as quick as usual. Back in the swing shortly….

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