What the hell was that?!

Well I am still in shock from Saturday’s rugby final. I can’t remember the last time I saw any team play so incredibly well and so incredibly badly within the space of one week. It was like two different teams, from different leagues!

To be honest, whilst I want to credit SA with their win, and of course we must, they hardly had to win that game with the amount of huge novice mistakes and bad play by England. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many dropped passes by them. Within 20 minutes it was clear to me they were not the same team who beat the All Blacks. Needless to say I wasn’t even tempted to trade, by half time I was convinced SA would win the game.

It actually seemed like nerves which got the better of them. They went to pieces, and we know they are a great team when they want to be, so I think it was mostly psychological and the pressure of facing a world cup final. I am still struggling to believe what I witnessed, they were just so terribly awful! What a huge shame. Credit to them for getting to the final, which is what everyone says about the losers, but I would much rather the had lost to a better team, and frankly I don’t believe that at all. They lost to a better team on that particular day, but for the entire tournament England were a much better side than the Springboks. They just fell apart when it really counted, rather depressing really.

Then I heard the “Player of the match” (can’t have “man” any more for some reason), and that concluded my bad mood for the day!! I didn’t trade all weekend, decided to take it off to do some garden stuff and just enjoy watching England take the Webb Ellis cup. Ha ha, more fool me! Oh well, maybe next time eh.

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