Xmas Special – 33% off all products

As promised to a few of you who moaned about my grumpy arse not taking part in the ‘Black Friday’ BS, I am running a discount over Xmas, as that’s much more up my street!

I decided to make it the biggest discount I have ever run, and probably ever will. It’s not a “buy today” carrot type thing, it’s a full week long so you can order any of my ebooks right up until midnight on the 28th, hopefully well after your hangovers have worn off and you’re ready to get serious about reading, and trading!

The code to use in the checkout if XMAS2019. There are no limits and it’s not on a “per product” basis. You just order whatever you want from the list (here) and then enter that coupon code at the checkout and you will get 30% off the total.

Hope that pleases some of you! Here’s to a Merry Christmas for all my readers and wishing you all a prosperous and exciting 2020!

Enjoy yourselves and take care on the roads, it’s drink drive season unfortunately.


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