Site issues and big RacingTV discount for racing traders

Hi all, sorry, it’s been a hell of a week both with home stuff and tech stuff.

server down imageIt began when I ran site updates and it broke something. Some of you may have noticed some downtime on the website over the past few days. My web guy is helping fix it, it may already be fixed but we will only know when the final updates are done.

(Please note I am not referring to the ‘new site’ I have mentioned a few times, this is just to update the software on the hosting platform running the current site.)

More importantly I just wanted to drop a quick post to alert you all, I was made aware today of the Black Friday discount being offered for new subscibers to RacingTV. The offer is only available tomorrow, Friday 26th November. (I have no affiliation or reason to promote this other than saving my readers money 🙂 )

racingtvAs many of you know, my Pre-Race Trader’s Bible and my In-Play Racing Trading ebook discuss in detail the need for ‘live’ pictures at each race track. Horse racing trading with either of those approaches is impossible without RacingTV pictures so it’s an essential subscription in my view, and it’s not cheap for beginners on a very tight budget.

Their Black Friday offer is £10 per month instead of the usual £25 per month, that’s a bloody big saving (£179) especially when they tie that price in for a whole year.

Some of you are of course already subscribed, but maybe some creative thinking is in order? (For example subscribe again in a relative’s name and cancel your current subscription? 😉 ) Just thinking out loud!

Come to think of it, £179 saved is more than enough to pay for the Pre-Race Bible at its normal full price, (or to buy all my ebooks with the current offer and have change left over!), so anyone thinking of buying that may be particularly interested in this offer.

For anyone interested just go to and click on the Black Friday offer. Again I don’t earn commissions from it, but I hope it saves a few people a nice chunk of change 🙂

(And remember you must do it tomorrow, Friday, to get the 12 month £10 offer)

Speak again soon,


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