Are you interested in trading horses in-running? Plus a Spring 20% Discount

spring flowersHi all, and Happy Spring, at last!

The new site is coming along. For a million or so reasons, it’s been much slower than expected but it is progressing and hopefully not far off publishing it now. Please note you won’t see any changes as it progresses. The site is being built in an offline environment which will then replace the current site completely, when the big red button is finally pushed (no not that one, no need for masks!)

Quite a few people have asked if I will publish more ebooks and I may do yes. There aren’t many more I could publish as I don’t want to publish anything about methods that I do not use myself. I have long considered explaining my in-play football methods in finite detail via an ebook. There is only a very brief article on the site about that subject, and it doesn’t even prick the surface of the approach really. What has put me off is the fact that it’s not ‘point and click’, there is a lot of thinking to be done on-the-fly, as well as stats and risk/reward analysis.

So it’s not an easy one to document properly, and as many of you know, I won’t put out something that isn’t thorough and detailed enough for you to fully replicate what I am doing in my trading. Having said that, if I managed to somehow document my Pre-Race trading approach, I certainly should be able to do the same for in play footie! I will keep thinking more about that, but something else came up recently which I suspect may be of interest to readers, especially the horse racing fans which I know many of you are (as viewers not necessarily traders).

horse racing jumps

A good friend of mine trades horses in-running. I do that too, although I prefer to focus on trading the pre-off markets most of the time, so for me it’s more of an ‘alternative’ approach than a ‘bread and butter’ one, but it certainly could be the latter as it has no shortage of profits when you’re up to speed with the reading and analysis of the races.

As many of you know (and are doing great with going by the feedback) I published just one approach to in-running trading a while back, but this is a different approach (which can compliment my published method nicely). To be brief, it’s an approach which requires a good knowledge of both horses and jockeys, their behaviour and body language, as well as knowledge of some of the jumps courses. If I were to publish something on it, it would obviously help you obtain that knowledge as most people don’t know a whole lot about reading the movements of runners and riders. In fact the first task for anyone trying this approach, is to simply sit and watch a good number of races carefully. If that sounds like watching paint dry to you, this method won’t be for you! But if you’re a racing fan, I think it could be of real interest to some of you.

That’s the purpose of this post, to gauge what the interest levels are. Please email me (or comment below) if you’d be interested in this type of trading. If it gets enough interest, I could sit with my friend for a weekend and pool our knowledge into a topic list for an ebook later in the year. Oh, and in case you’re curious, the trading angle is (to put it very simply) looking for runners/riders who are showing clear early signs that they are flagging/struggling. Then laying them, only early enough, never anywhere near the finish (too risky). The method is not just profitable, it’s highly enjoyable, again if you enjoy horse racing already!

I look forward to hearing from any of you who’d be interested in learning this approach. I could use a weekend away from the misses (on the beer, not another woman) so you’d be doing me a favour, and quite possibly my dearly beloved too 🙂

Ok that’s all from me, oh except to say… I have just set up a Spring discount code:

20% off all products for 30 days.
Just enter SPRING2022 at checkout.

Cheers all, hope the Daffodils are cheering you up a little, they are me!




Are you interested in trading horses in-running? Plus a Spring 20% Discount — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Tim,

    I would definitely be interested in a potential ebook on trading the horses in running. I am already doing this at the moment with a little success but could always do with improving the skill!

    Hope you are keeping well.


    • Hi James, thanks for the comment. Yes I had email saying much the same, looks like it might be quite useful/enjoyable for some readers. Consider it pushed up the priority list 🙂 Hope you’re well there, will update on the plans soon.

  2. How are things Tim? Hope you are well. Can we expect a short blog entry before Christmas? Hoping for an update on the new website and or any progress with in play football trading. All the best.

    • Hi Peter, yes I really do apologise. I won’t go into the long boring detail but had some major issues (outside and inside the site!). I am working on it hard (with help now due to a long list of issues) and very hopeful the new site will be live in around a week, two max. Apologies again, hopefully it will have been worth the wait. A lot of new content 🙂

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