Goodbye 2022! New site, thought crimes, and 20% discount…

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So… where’s this new site I promised?!

I have received many emails rightly asking this question, and I can only apologise.

Without going into the boring detail, the new site development turned into a monstrosity of a task. And there was me thinking it was just a few months light work! For various reasons I needed help, and quite a lot in fact. I changed the system used to manage the site and didn’t realise what a huge ordeal it would end up being, code differences, design differences, all sorts of unforeseen obstacles.

On top of that, life has been pretty hectic too. Again without going into detail, let’s just say that I now have first hand knowledge of the dangers of the so-called Covid Vax. No, not me, you wouldn’t prick me for all the money in the world, but a close relative had a bad reaction and it’s been a very long and painful saga, requiring me and my wife to visit and care for her frequently over recent months, and it’s not over yet.

I won’t go into more detail as it could undo all the careful site building work by putting me on the Gulag Watch List and have my site ‘shadow banned’ like many (prohibited) truth-tellers experienced after the US intelligence agencies took control of Twitter. (And if you don’t think our agencies have done much the same, well, I probably shouldn’t comment further.)

And if you think nobody should be allowed to speak about the (now proven) risks of the shot, maybe you should watch two excellent new documentaries, one from the US and one (a MUST watch) from the UK, and think whether you’d wish free speech had been permitted if you were one of those tragically injured people, who were all denied their legally-protected right to ‘informed consent‘ before lining up for the ‘safe and effective’ jab. (Note that you can’t find these videos on YouTube, nor in mainstream ‘news’ sources.)

Funny how things change isn’t it? This country and the West in general was once the bastion of free speech and traditional liberal ideas like tolerance, open discussion, freedom to dissent etc. It now seems more like a Soviet Bloc state in its policing of speech and opinion. Protests are permitted (or even assisted by Police) if they align with the political orthodoxy, but if they don’t, watch out.

Meanwhile try getting police to attend a real crime, you know, the type where a criminal ACT has been committed rather than just a thought or opinion. Good luck with that! And don’t shoot me for saying that, the Police and Crime Commissioner of the same force said so herself, in one of thousands of possible examples of the new ‘thought crime’ operations of UK Police.

But I will leave that there before I plant both feet on the soapbox. After all, it’s a slippery place to be, and not just because of the soap. 🙂

That said, the new website is honestly very close to being launched on the new platform. Hopefully just days away now, and it would be so nice to launch on the turn of 2023, fingers crossed that may happen!

The new site will have a lot of new content, and no doubt some teething problems so please bear with me if there are any minor imperfections during the first few weeks of launch. Due to some of the technical issues we’ve decided to launch it and replace this old site, then make adjustments and final touches after it goes live, so you might see some slight changes after it goes live.

betfair trading ebooks

There’s a load more content planned, mostly thanks to some of you loyal readers.

Each article takes somewhere between 2 days and a week, so I have a content plan and intend to flesh the site out in all areas, from psychology to strategies, from beginners to advanced levels, as well as possibly a new ebook or two as previously mentioned.

pre-race trading ebook image

The feedback on the Pre Race trading ebook continue to come in, and are so positive that I am slowly regaining the will to tackle such a huge project again.

In Play Football and Laying in Running are two strategies/subjects that I think could make for seriously good reading, and very high profitability too.

I urge readers to continue making content/article suggestions, as I am adding the ideas to a spreadsheet as they come in and will certainly cover them all over the coming months.

Thank you all for sticking with me through what has been a pretty fraught time of late, best of luck with your trading, and I very much hope to be helping many more sports traders increase their profits in 2023.

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, and here’s to the new site which will be live very shortly!





Goodbye 2022! New site, thought crimes, and 20% discount… — 4 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear the injury from the snake oil Tim.
    It’s disgusting what’s going on and it’s revealing itself now for what it is (money making while depopulating).
    Agenda 20/30 and the WEF will no doubt plough on as long as possible before the next one which will I’m sure include the climate scam to lock people into cities.
    They need stopping and I’m sure they would be if people didn’t just watch the corrupt Bill Gates funded media.

    • Yep, bang on as usual Shane. It’s ‘trying’ to reveal itself, but it’s an uphill battle when it’s a subject banned from all mainstream outlets. I’m sure we’re just conspiracy theorists though! God is that name getting old now, especially when every single one of those ‘theories’ are now proven facts. Someone said something the other day that really struck me as quite brilliant (in it’s exactitude!) – “The only difference between a conspiracy theory and a conspiracy, is time.” Ain’t that the truth! Let’s see what 2023 brings, hopefully less rather than more tyrannical fascist cultural Marxism, but I think we both know which one is more likely.

      • So true a comment that is! Better a tin foil hat than a blindfold.
        The saddest thing for me are the so called parents getting their kids poisoned.
        Respect to you Tim for putting the comments on your site and I hope it gets a few people commenting on it …let’s see.

        • Ha, it will invite more vitriol than intelligent curiosity, if my personal experience of the past 2 years is anything to go by! But who cares, we have to say what we feel is right, balls to the consequences (oops, knock, knock!)
          Better a tin foil hat than a blind fold – that’s a cracker, I am stealing it!

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