Another unavoidable (and rather tragic) delay…

Since my last post I have been away from home. I am still away now and just managed to get my access details to the site so I can just pop a quick post here to explain briefly why the site still looks the same.

Aside from the relative mentioned in earlier posts (that saga continues), one of my oldest and closest friends was rushed to hospital soon after my last post was published. I rushed off to help his brother deal with things and that turned into almost around the clock medical management. I won’t go into detail here as I am very short of time and it’s not too relevant anyway, but suffice to say if you want someone to stay alive, don’t leave them in a post-Covid era NHS hospital without checking DAILY what meds are being given, what checks are being doing, and generally keeping tabs on everything and everyone involved in their care. You might be lucky enough not to need to but, once bitten twice shy, I will personally never have such blind faith again.

This morning my wonderful old friend died. He was ‘only’ 60, but as if that was not bad enough, the completely ‘avoidable’ nature of his death has made it significantly more painful for all concerned, me in particular.

In the end I was doing the ‘observations’ as they were routinely being missed (despite a £2000 TV on the wall showing the nurses what time obs are needed), as well as taking temps, clearing blockages/kinks in the IV lines, and a whole host of other low-level but still critical tasks.

I will have to leave it there as there’s much to be doing so I can get back to my own family asap and, soon after, get on with launching this damn website I keep promising.

Thanks for your patience and looking forward to a more positive update very soon.

Oh and PS, as a courtesy I have extended the discount code and will leave it running until the new site is launched. (Use code XMAS2022 for 20% off all orders between now and then.)



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