One last apology note!

I can’t believe how long I’ve been bloody apologising, but this should be the very last one!

I was called away to help the family of my friend who died, I won’t go into the detail but between some of the equipment and animals he had, there was a lot to do, and then there was the funeral to arrange which was nowhere near as straight forward as it should have been.

On top of that, there was the small matter of the death certificate and complaints to the hospital about the disgusting ‘care’ he received, care which ultimately led to his death, something not reflected on the death certificate, surprise surprise.

Anyway, I am finally able to get back to some final tasks of getting the new website live. There are still some tricky issues to resolve so I won’t promise a date, but unless a bolt of lightning hits me, it should all be ready VERY soon.

I will be glad when I no longer have to keep explaining why it isn’t done yet! I will also be glad to have an easier site to work with for me to publish useful content more frequently, and hopefully a bit nicer on the eye for readers too (especially the increasing numbers of you using alleged ‘smart’ devices 😉 )

I have left the discount code running and will do until the new site goes live:

Use coupon code XMAS2022 at checkout for 20% of all ebooks.

Here’s to my 2023 finally getting into swing very shortly! Thanks for your patience and I will be in touch again soon.


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