Important: WordPress Subscribers – Please Read

After a whole host of complicated technical issues and headaches, it’s looking like the new site will be going live in a matter of days but it probably won’t allow any future subscriptions via WordPress, nor will it honour your current subscription if already subscribed that way.

Most people subscribe to my email list via the email sign up form. If you’re one of these, you can stop reading here, you’re all set.

However some of my readers use the account system for getting notifications of site content. If you are one of these, and if you are not already subscribed via the email sign up form, please subscribe that way now so you can continue receiving updates.

You can do so using the green and blue form in the sidebar on the right, the box entitled “Subscribe by Email”.  Just enter your first name and email and hit the button, then confirm your subscription via the email link you’ll receive afterwards. From then on you will get notifications via email direct from me rather than via your WordPress account (which is still by email)

Other than that I am hopeful everything else will work the same (or better) after the new site goes live. And on that note, it may not quite be perfect on the day of launch, but please bear with me. We’ve decided it will be easier to launch it and then make final tweaks rather than go on fiddling around on the test server ad infinitum!




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