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My betfair trading method - Lay The DrawThere are many different ways to trade Football on Betfair. I have tried and tested just about all of them over the many years I have been trading, I couldn’t even guess as to the total number.

The great majority I have tried do not work. In fact most are just systems which were designed to make money for the publisher and have naff all to do with making money for the trader. Many of these systems are mathematically-based, in other words someone has done some back testing, seen a pattern, and then published a method based on that pattern, often only based on one season’s worth of results, hence why some are fundamentally flawed or work for a while but then die as a viable method, at which point you usually find them being sold like hot cakes as that’s the only way the developer can now monetise the strategy!

Countless droves of system-hoppers are always looking for a fast buck, and so the publishers make a small fortune selling systems which might look good in the back office on their stats packages, but when actually applied to markets over any sensible period of time, many fail. Since many of these unscrupulous publishers don’t actually trade full time (remember, they are usually just publishers!) they don’t really care what the outcome is for the traders buying their systems, so long as they bank some profit from the sales.

There are exceptions to this general rule, and there is a small handful of people out there who actively trade the Betfair markets and make a very handsome income doing so. Obviously, of the relatively few people doing this, even fewer are likely to want to sell their systems, certainly not in a bulk sale PDF deal or similar! And do I blame them? Not at all!

horse racing pictureI have known plenty of people making regular and very healthy profits from Betfair trading, usually football or horses, or a combination of the two, sometimes with a bit of tennis thrown in. Some traders specialise in one sport, and this makes a lot of sense. There are full time tennis traders also making large sums, one in particular who I know myself. However there is always a startup cost in any business, and that cost for any new trader can not be avoided, contrary to what most trading system publishers will have you believe. In fact, the startup cost is your learning phase where most traders will lose a fair bit of money usually. One of the main aims of running this site is to reduce that loss period for as many people as I can. However all new traders will have to learn the hard way about some things, why chasing a losing trade is a bad idea, why overstaking is a very bad idea, and various other pitfalls which can only be fully learned from bitter and personal experience.

Even with these “setup costs” Betfair trading is a very good investment in my opinion, because when you do crack it and find some selective systems which work well for you, the rewards can be fantastic. Remember though, it is no easy ride and it is certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme or anything like that. Opening a chip shop or a window cleaning business is more of a get rich quick scheme then Betfair trading! That is no joke by the way, I have known people who have tried both! The day you open your chip-van, you’re making money from day one! But yes of course they needed a much larger chunk of change to begin with.

Of the many football trading strategies out there, I will be showing you only a handful of them, the ones which I feel are reliable and effective when applied correctly and when you have discipline and a cool head. Without these you may as well give up before you start. I am far from cool-headed much of the time, but I have learned through many losing trades over many years that getting upset or angry only ever costs you more so somehow I have managed to get a grip on this aspect of my character, and believe me, if I can anyone can!

Use the menus above to read about the Betfair football trading methods I use myself, and some others I think are worthy of a mention. Don’t forget to grab a FREE copy of my “Beginner’s Guide To Betfair Trading” which will give you a nice entry-level introduction to the main principles involved. If you are looking for a ready-made strategy which I use myself, have a look at my Lay The Draw strategy.

Best of luck with all your trading adventures!


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  1. I too have invested my money, very much more of my time.,my sanity my astonishment when all goes ‘doggie-dangles’ and I despair trying to blame somebody or anybody but the Real culprit. Yet I still maintain this is my apprenticeship and if I continue to pay attention, choose wisely with my own trades then eventually I will learn enough about my TRADE to manage and control….. A modest living, that modest target remains ONE HUNDRED POUNDS PER WEEK……. Every week…… EVERY WEEK. I hope that this goal is both reasonable and attainable and not greedy ever. Consistently consistent nothing more. All creative creditable information is very welcome.

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