My Betfair Trading Strategy eBooks

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All of the products below were put together with great care to ensure absolutely everything I do when trading was included within them. I don’t believe in doing one thing and saying (or selling) another. The reviews I have received on these products confirm that I managed to achieve the fine balance between explaining all the boring detail but without alienating or confusing people, especially novices to sports trading. I firmly believe these are some of the best trading information products (and strategies) you’ll find anywhere online.


Beginner’s Guide To Betfair Trading – FREE!

Beginners Guide To Betfair Trading

This completely free eBook explains the basics of Betfair trading to anyone considering entering the markets for the first time.

Aimed at total novices, it explains the fundamental workings of Betfair as well as how trading strategies work, what an “edge” is, how to back and lay, and many other essential pieces of information which all beginner traders should fully understand before diving in with their hard-earned cash.



The Pre-Race Trader’s Bible

pre-race trading ebook imageThis will almost certainly be the last ebook I write. It’s also by far the biggest at over 460 pages. It took many months of blood, sweat and (very nearly) tears, and it was only completed due to continued pressure from readers asking me to ‘unravel’ the hugely complex subject of successfully tackling the pre-race markets.

Most requests came from people who had read my fairly lengthy pre-race trading article published some years ago now. Quite a number of people not only found it extremely helpful, but actually took the information to the markets and increased their profits with it. Considering that was, for me anyway, a pretty short and sweet stab at sharing some of my knowledge, I knew an ebook on the subject would help people massively if I could one day manage to produce one. After huge delays of nearly 2 years, I finally did.

This ebook goes into a huge amount of detail (possibly even too much for some people!) and aims to take readers from square one having never traded on Betfair before, through to full time racing trading. It covers every single topic you can imagine and probably many more besides. Instead of just teaching a strategy, with this last ebook I really wanted to give people every last drop of knowledge I could about understanding and reading the Betfair markets, knowledge which of course can be taken far beyond horse racing and applied to just about any other market, including the more traditional non-sports markets such as stocks, commodities and currencies.

For anyone seriously committed to learning how to trade the pre-race markets and looking for something online which they can get busy studying immediately, I am confident you will not find anything to compete with this in terms of readability, depth, and practical usefulness. For most people it will require weeks of work both reading and studying markets to see the principles in action before trading for real. Dreamers and ‘system-hoppers’ please give this one a miss!


In Play Racing Trading

Laying The Field eBookUntil the release of my pre-race ebook, this was by far the largest volume of information I had produced, it was also the best. I don’t mind saying that because more than a few readers said so themselves after reading it. Impressive profits are on offer here.

In here is literally everything I do when trading In Play (or ‘In Running’). The actual trading strategies are not what I would call “difficult”, certainly not compared to pre race trading. However, the formation of a clear and disciplined trading plan for each race is where things needs to be taken seriously, and carefully.

There is no time to make it up “on the fly” in these markets, so the eBook covers how I analyse the racing each day, how I devise a plan of action for each race, and how I carry out those plans (the easiest part usually!)

This eBook is an extremely comprehensive guide to everything I do in-running, it took a long time to put together and I tried my very best to make it accessible and useful to traders of all levels from complete beginners through to experienced full timers.


Laying The Draw – Properly!

Thanks to its excellent reviews, this ebook quickly became far more popular than I ever could have hoped.

Drawing on many years experience of laying the draw in football leagues around the world, this eBook covers my analysis in detail as well as every aspect of my selection criteria and how I manage each trade.

Absolutely nothing is left out, this is my unique take on the LTD method ready for you to pick up and start taking profits with immediately.

This has been impressing readers for several years now and I am sure it will continue to do so long into the future.


Laying The Field

Laying The Field eBookThis is a simple and fairly beginner-friendly horse racing strategy which lends itself to traders with and without trading software installed on their machine as this method can be easily employed using the Betfair website in a browser.

It therefore suits people with 9-5 jobs and limited access to a computer during the racing day as trades can be placed in the morning and do not need monitoring.

This eBook details every part of the process including where to source data and all the variations of the strategy that I have tried. This makes it suitable for various experience levels, but especially for beginners.