Betfair Welcome Bonus – Exchange Joining Free Bets Coupon

Sign Up Bonus ImageIf you’re not a member yet, make sure you take advantage of their introductory “Betfair Welcome Bonus” available to all new account holders when signing up.

Whether you’re just planning on punting on occasional sporting events or if you want to join the betting exchange and try your hand at trading, it makes sense to take free money whenever it’s on offer, as it isn’t very often! The welcome bonuses Betfair offer are attractive and they only come along once.

The best offer currently available is “Bet £10 get £30” and this offer can be obtained by CLICKING HERE. You will be taken to the Betfair website where your account will be credited with this offer once you submit the form.


Why Sign Up To Betfair?

Betfair is now huge. I have been using it for many years and in that time I have been amazed at the speed of its growth. It offers gamblers and traders an enormous market which gives the ability to cash out of your position quickly whether you’re winning or losing. The launch of their “Cash Out” feature (as seen on the many TV adverts) was a great improvement as it made it possible to use various Betfair trading strategies on their website instead of requiring dedicated software.

The odds available on Betfair are nearly always better than those offered by bookmakers. This is because you are betting against other people, not against a bookie or business taking your money when you lose. They say that on average you will get 15-20% better odds than you will in the high street bookies. That’s a huge difference. In fact it’s enough of a difference to make some betting and trading systems viable when they otherwise might not have been.

Be the bookmaker – You can take bets off other gamblers, which can be a profitable place to be if you know more than they do about the event in question. If you think a team will lose their next game, you can play the role of the bookie and take bets off those who want to gamble on that team winning. Add this to some stats based knowledge, and you can profit like the bookies have for many years, this is totally new and unique to the betting exchange concept, and there is no bigger exchange than Betfair. Lay betting systems take advantage of this new position we can take in the sports markets.

In Play – at most bookmakers you can bet on an event, and then you have to wait until the end of the event to see if you won. This is where Betfair is a much wiser place to bet, because if you back a football team to win a game and they go 2-0 ahead during that game, you can “cash out” (trade out) of your position, taking a lot of profit and guaranteeing it, so you can then not lose and instead you can just enjoy the rest of the game safe in the knowledge that your profits are banked and not at risk to any other events happening such as the other team scoring three goals to win the match!

Since Betfair launched in the year 2000, it has quickly become by far the biggest betting company in the United Kingdom. Betfair claims it officially operates from Gibraltar, just like most UK betting firms these days, obviously that looks like a tax decision. But they have offices in the UK, their headquarters are here, and the customer service staff you speak to are here, based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Betfair makes its money by small commissions which it takes from winning bets. So if you lose you pay them nothing, but the other side of your bet was won by another Betfair user, and he pays Betfair’s commission.

If you are going to bet on any sports event, or trade the exchange markets like I do, you shouldn’t be without a Betfair account. So sign up today and take advantage of the free money via the welcome bonus.