Xmas Special – 33% off all products

As promised to a few of you who moaned about my grumpy arse not taking part in the ‘Black Friday’ BS, I am running a discount over Xmas, as that’s much more up my street! I decided to make it the biggest discount I have ever run, and probably ever will. It’s not a “buy today” carrot type thing, it’s a full week long so you can order any of my ebooks right up until midnight on the 28th, hopefully well after your hangovers have worn off and you’re ready to get serious about reading, and trading! The code to use in the checkout if XMAS2019. There are no limits …

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What the hell was that?!

Well I am still in shock from Saturday’s rugby final. I can’t remember the last time I saw any team play so incredibly well and so incredibly badly within the space of one week. It was like two different teams, from different leagues! To be honest, whilst I want to credit SA with their win, and of course we must, they hardly had to win that game with the amount of huge novice mistakes and bad play by England. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many dropped passes by them. Within 20 minutes it was clear to me they were not the same team who beat the …

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Rugby Trading on Betfair, and a wee World Cup sweetener

(If you’re here for the Discount code, it’s down the bottom) Hi all. It’s been a while. I’ve been all over the place recently, mostly doing stuff I would rather not be doing but some good stuff in between thankfully. I have a friend who trades rugby and since rugby is on everyone’s mind lately, I thought I would write a brief post just to open any rugby minds out there to the idea of trading. Rugby can be a great environment for beginners to play with the strategy of “laying the leader” which is basically just value betting. I posted about value bets a while back too, but generally …

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Holding Message

Hi all, just a quick comment here because I am without access to email at the mo. I had a minor computer meltdown during my office reorganisation. I didn’t find out til I got back from visiting family and so I have spent the last week or two fixing and buying stuff. It led me to spending a small fortune on a whole new office set up, nice new furniture and a general spruce up, moved my Sky system and changed my working position so everything feels nice and fresh. I like to do that every few years just to avoid getting too comfy, but this time I rushed around …

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Just asking a quick favour. I may have said similar things in the past (MANY times!) but if I ever post about a trade on Braga, please fire me a quick email calling me something beginning with C. It just might remind me that they always add a dampener to an otherwise great day!!!! Losing 2-0 at home, WTF?! I am never bothered by these, they come along regularly in trading, but the ONLY team which ALWAYS seems to be that one, is Braga! That’s the last time I trade them (I know I know, I have said that a hundred times, I just hate to believe in this kind …

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Two nice bets

This is NOT a recommendation, but worth a mention for anyone who ‘missed out’ on any of tonight’s action thus far. Both Milan and VVV games are 0-0, both look good for being 2-3 goalers. It shouldn’t need saying that they could both end 0-0, but stats are stats and I think the U2.5 prices at around 1.2 are now VERY good value for both games.