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Off-Topic: Covid Insanity

Well haven't things gone utterly insane?! Somebody somewhere wants an economic depression the likes of which the world probably has never seen... 'and this time, it's global'!! And remember, there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than at any other time in history, perhaps until now, except now it's Billionaires, with a BEEE. […]

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Just a quickie...

Hi all, I had an email from a reader just as I was leaving the desk, so as I typed a reply I thought it would be better to put it here in case anyone else considered the same football match for laying the draw. Before I paste that, a quick word on the ebook […]

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My site contains NO TRADING ADVICE OF ANY KIND! That applies to this post as well as all others! Thanks to Dom for this one.... Betfair exchange "next England manager" market states in the terms and conditions that an interim manager who completes 3 full international games as manager including friendlies "will be considered to […]

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