Free eBook – Beginner’s Guide To Betfair Trading

free ebook

I wrote this eBook and offer it free to those who are totally new to the concept of trading on Betfair, or those who have heard of it but are not sure exactly what it is, how it works, or what the differences are between betting/gambling and trading.

The differences between trading and betting are significant, and they are extremely important to understand. I take no more risks in my trading than you do when buying a car. I think too many people approach Betfair trading the same way as they would approach a “flutter” on the Grand National. I hope this free guide helps people see some of the building blocks underneath what I do as a trader and why we must take it as seriously as any other business. That’s what this is by the way, business.

This guide will walk you through the entire subject of trading, the concepts involved (edge, value, risks) and even covers the subject of software and how it can help you automate your trading as much as possible. Many people spot good trades but don’t bank as much profit as they should, or in some cases they see the profit pass by as they become emotionally involved, then watch the law of averages take it away again. This can really make trading feel like a struggle when it otherwise could have been easy. Some simple mental rules are all it takes to make the difference between a losing trader and a winning one.

This difference separates those who are throwing money away at the weekend before going to work to earn it back again, from those who win such regular money that the day job is put out to pasture and trading on Betfair for a living becomes their new full time ’employment’.

I spent quite a lot of time producing this, so I hope it is useful regardless of your experience level. Some full time traders have learned things they didn’t know from this guide, so even if you feel you do understand the concepts fully, why not have a read anyway and see if there were any holes in your knowledge? It’s FREE after all!

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    • Sorry John for some reason my email system is stripping the attachment each time I try and send. I will keep trying but in mean time if you are in a hurry, you can sign up to the email form, click to verify, then you will get the ebook and just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or I can manually unsubscribe you. That will get you it immediately, but I will hopefully get this sorted when i speak to my host later.

  1. Hi Mark, sure you can but I can’t do it for you as I use a Spam-protected service, so I can’t falsely sign people up, you have to do it. If you see the form in right hand sidebar of site, you can sign up with your email there and will then get all updates via email. cheers

    • Hi Keith, I can’t subscribe you due to anti-spam rules. If you enter your email address in the form on the right hand side of this page, you can subscribe that way and the ebook will automatically be sent to you.

  2. Hi Tim
    Only recently found your website. Found your updated article on pre-race trading of great value. Although I have been trading on Betfair for a number of years there were a lot of helpful ideas in your article.
    I would be pleased to receive your free ebook on Betfair trading and also know when your new ebook on in-race trading is available for purchase.
    Hope you are enjoying better health.

    • Hi Steve, if you signed up to the ezine list it should be sent to you automatically after you confirm your subscription. Please can you confirm you have done so and that you have the ebook now? If not I will send it direct but you should have got it by now unless there is a problem. Thanks

  3. Hi Tim,
    i’m also of the breed that doesn’t use social networks…
    The Twitter and Facebook buttons just don’t turn up on my computer.
    So, could you please email me your “Betfair trading for beginners” ebook.
    Thanks in advance

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