Decent day. Only Man U left for me and not been electrified by the game but I think a goal or two is coming. I am laying Under 2.5 goals at 1.11. Cue a no score draw! Not bothered, good day either way, and there should be a goal or two. Hope you all survived the partying and once again, here’s to 2018 for all of us. Cheers for now.

Happy New Year Betfair Traders!

Well here begins another one! My NY celebrations fell apart at the last minute so like a sad old git I had a nice bottle of 10 year old red with my 20 year old wife (well ok, but she looked it after the wine) and she fell asleep in front of some mainstream TV dribble, so I buggered off to the office to do a few bits and check out the footie stats. How sad! Not really, starting the new year on a trading note is never a bad move in my book! So before covering a couple of the games I am interested in, I wanted to wish …

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Ho Ho Ho etc, a discount code, oh and some footie picks!

Well it’s been a while so I thought I would drop some thoughts for Boxing Day’s footie…… Spurs – at those odds I would be more tempted to lay Spurs than lay the draw! One to avoid I think, regardless of the obvious slaughter being quite possible, just nowhere near enough value in the odds and the stats suggest a shock is more than possible. West Brom v Everton – Two choices here, either a LTD at HT if 0-0, or a LTD at 2.6-2.8 if 0-0. The latter is my preference, bearing in mind goals may be sparse but I expect one in the second half if not the …

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Perugia beaten 5-1!! Actually not a losing trade for people who stayed in until HT (longest I would ever wait, as soon as green appears I am out when away team score first). But 5-1!? This is a team who score 0.33 goals per game on average away from home! One to make a note of, not to trade in future but to be aware of so you don’t let the new away goal scoring average fool you into expecting goals! Palermo scored nice and early, didn’t beat the other team which looked likely but then we don’t care who wins, just who scores first. It looks like being a …

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You couldn’t make this stuff up!!!!

Away goal 5 minutes in. HA HA HA, A few of you have asked me to stop commenting on games they are trading as I always seem to “jinx” them. I often say I don’t believe in that stuff, but some days I do have to wonder! Well what we have now is (another) game which has bucked the stats trend (big time in this case!). This now presents other ops, this will be a game of goals. The away team’s usually defensive approach to games against stronger teams has obviously not played out here, which means the gloves are off and I fancy backing the home team now at …

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Another quickie

“Hi Tim Good to hear from you again. I too have been looking at Serie B and I think Perugia looks like a decent trade. KO in 5 mins! What do you think about that one? My only slight concern is that the away side could be a bit more generous when it comes to conceding goals.” Yes, no objections there at all…. At 3.7 to LTD it’s respectable that. If it was over 4 I might start getting a bit concerned about the away team not conceding too many, just as you spotted yourself there. but at 3.7, top plays bottom, there should surely be a goal, hopefully two! …

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Yes, someone spotted this and it’s cheap, very cheap at 3.2 to LTD. There are negatives of course, scoring times are all over the place and away team could score, but at 3.2 and Palermo’s home scoring prowess, it’s a trade for me all day long. Almost a half priced one, with lots of green to come if/when Palermo score the first goal. …

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