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Welcome to my Betfair trading blog, this began back in 2012 as an online diary of my football trading selections. Due to feedback from readers it quickly evolved into an explanation of my general approach to the markets, along with educational articles for people interested in taking up exchange trading themselves. In 2013, after a growing number of requests, I began to document my strategies in ebook format, something I only finished doing at the end of 2018 with my final ebook explaining my approach to pre-race trading in the horse racing markets.

If this is your first visit here, please take a minute to read my Welcome page which explains some of my background and some important things all aspiring Betfair traders should consider before diving in. For anyone new to the sports betting exchange, I have a completely free eBook which explains all the basics about trading, how it works, and how to get started as a complete novice.

Trading on Betfair allows you to work from the comfort of your own home with no travel costs and very few setup costs compared to most other types of business. If you’re a sports fan it can also be an extremely enjoyable way to earn a living! Sounds great doesn’t it?! Well it is! But it takes a serious amount of dedication, practice, and self-discipline. If you’re looking for a ‘hobby’, please look elsewhere! If you’re looking for a whole new career, be prepared to put in the hours. You’ll need to!

If you’re up for the challenge then go for it. I’m confident the information on my site will genuinely help you achieve success in your new career. I would wish you luck, but if you’re trading properly then you won’t be needing any of that! Leave the luck for the gamblers, they really do need it! 🙂

FAQs, In Play Trading, and a coupon update

Apologies to those who noticed the coupon ended prematurely, that was my mistake when setting it up in the payment processor. I have extended the SUMMER2021 coupon until the end of August, this provides a 25% discount off any of my sports trading ebooks, and this time it will definitely run until the end of August. FAQs –  I have had a few good suggestions from regular readers about my plans for a new site, one of which is the sitewide/trading-wide FAQs page where many past questions have been answered by email and really should be published for everyone to benefit from. This is underway now and I am incorporating …

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Plans for new sports trading website & big July discount code.

Well so far the summer has been very busy for me and I thought it’s about time I posted an update, announce some plans for the website (maybe a whole new one!), and also to provide a very special discount code as quite a few readers have asked when I will run one again. I’ve set up a coupon giving a pretty substantial 30% discount off any of my trading guides. Just enter the code SUMMER2021 at checkout to get 30% off everything in your basket. Offer expires July 3oth. I must say a big thank you to all those who have thanked/complimented me on the Pre-Race Trader’s Bible which …

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Some pre-off horse racing trading analysis & a new discount coupon.

Howdy all! I trust you’re all queued up for your ‘vaccine’! Best of luck with that! I am so pleased to see we have no recorded cases of flu this year, according to Public Health England. Of course that ‘must’ be because of the immense success the lockdowns and social distancing measures have had at stopping the spread of Covid. Except, they haven’t have they, and it has spread widely despite the magic measures. But somehow these fairly ineffective measures have annihilated flu to zero (not ONE recorded case!) since Covid turned up in the social consciousness! It’s obviously completely impossible that flu symptoms are being ‘mistaken’ for Covid symptoms, …

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Football trading in these strange times… and a coupon correction

Morning all. Hope you’ve been to church on this sunny Sunday! 😀 A quick word about the peculiar footie of late, minus the crowds. I have had a few emails from people over the past week asking about stakes and how they are getting less predictable results from the stats etc. I have also had a chance to chat with an old friend who is trading football daily, and was interested to hear his take on things, which are similar to mine. The lack of crowds is a big factor in trading. As any readers of my lay the draw ebook will know, as I have written about it for …

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About time for another ‘Covid’ discount…

Well haven’t things gone utterly insane?! Somebody somewhere wants an economic depression the likes of which the world probably has never seen… ‘and this time, it’s global’!! And remember, there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than at any other time in history, perhaps until now, except now it’s Billionaires, with a BEEE. Jeff Bazos, Apple, Google Chairman etc, check out their earnings over the past year and we might have an idea why big tech is banning any opinions questioning the lockdowns etc. Meanwhile thousands of small and family run businesses (the real heart of the economy and society itself) are closing left right and centre, butchers, …

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Update in these uncertain times…

Well hello again budding and professional traders alike! What a time this is for us eh, and indeed for just about everyone else worldwide. As some of you know I have been meaning to make a post for a while with a discount code for all of you who are probably stuck at home and perhaps looking for something to do. A few people have nudged me over the past weeks about this and I have finally found time to sit down and do it. I have had a lot of family stuff to take care of mainly due to Covid19, teaching them some good practices for sterilisation of packages …

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Football Trading Ideas for Today’s card

A few people have contacted me recently asking for a bit of analysis of their football picks when laying the draw according to the stretagy outlined in the ebook. I will try and write more regular updates for footie stuff, I’ve got out of the habit with being so busy with things outside the office for a while now. Must try harder! I have also had a lot of email back and forth with people learning pre-race trading, and I am pleased to say my Pre-Race Trader’s Bible is netting some very nice results for more than a few readers. I intend to do a post soon about that, just to …

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