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Since 2010 I've been helping people master the Betfair markets to become full-time professional sports traders. (Testimonials)

Despite the challenge of doing this around my own busy trading schedule, I find it extremely rewarding to see struggling traders finally overcome their obstacles and earn consistent profits.

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Beginner Articles

  • Betfair trading explained

    What is Betfair Trading?

    Solid foundations are important.
    This article explains what Betfair trading is, how the exchange works, why markets move, and how to get your trading career started.
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    Sports Trading Explained

    Sports Trading Explained

    Learn how to choose the best sport for you to trade, what equipment and software you'll need, bank and stake management, plus some beginner strategies to practice with.
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    Trading on Betfair for a living

    Trading For A Living?

    Have you got what it takes? Learn the most common mistakes new traders make, as well as the mental attributes needed to become a full-time professional sports trader.
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  • Back and lay betting on Betfair

    Backing & Laying

    This article carefully explains what backing and laying is, the mechanics behind the betting exchange, supply and demand, and how trades are constructed from these bets. 
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    Political Value Bets

    Value Betting Explained

    Understanding 'value' is a key attribute of any successful trader. Here is a detailed explanation of odds, and how to recognise value in the markets to find easy wins.
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    Betfair trading software review

    Trading Software

    Novice traders frequently ask me which Betfair trading software I  recommend. So I finally did a deep-dive into the various options to help you decide which is best for you
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Horse Racing Trading

Horse Racing Trading on Betfair

racing trading explained

An extremely detailed but novice-friendly article giving a full overview of racing trading. From the psychological demands of these fast-paced markets, to the tools you'll need, and a summary of the various types of methods you can earn significant profits from. A must-read for anyone looking to trade horse racing professionally.
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Pre-Race Trading

pre-race Trading: The full monty

A lengthy article explaining this lucrative strategy, with a level of detail you won't find anywhere else. Learn how to trade before-the-off, or where you've been going wrong if you've already tried! By far the most popular article on the site, it has helped countless people turn their trading around and become profitable at long last.
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In-Running Horse Racing Trading

in-play racing trading

Trading 'after the off' is significantly easier than pre-race trading, yet it can be just as profitable. This article explains how to get started, which research tools you will need, how and when to open your trades, and when to exit them to maximise your often impressive green!
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Laying the field

Lay The Field: low-risk strategy

This article outlines one of the easiest racing strategies. It can be surprisingly profitable, especially considering its simplicity and ease of execution. No dealing in live markets, no emotional issues with entries and exits, a completely 'fire-and-forget' beginner-friendly strategy.  
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Football Trading

  • Trading football on Betfair

    how to trade football

    From market dynamics to trading methods, from emotional control to bank and stake management. This article is your detailed roadmap for learning to trade football. Profitably.
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    Laying the draw

    Laying the draw

    Explanation of my approach to this time-tested strategy which still pulls in profits year after year for many professional football traders.

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    In-Play football trading

    in-play football

    Have you got what it takes? Learn the most common mistakes new traders make, as well as the mental attributes needed to become a full-time sports trader.

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Trading eBooks

In Play Horse Racing Trading Course Ebook cover

In Play Horse racing trading

Extensive guide to my approach to trading horses 'in-running'. This method is the fastest and easiest way to consistent profits from UK (and Australian) horse racing. With this method being relatively easy compared to most other horse racing strategies, it has been very popular with both novice and experienced racing traders alike.
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pre race trading course ebook

the pre-race Trader's bible

This ebook goes way beyond anything else you've seen on pre-race trading. Both in terms of the level of detail, and in its ability to give you a full and comprehensive understanding of these complex and often daunting markets. I get huge satisfaction from the glowing feedback I continue to receive from those who study it. 
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Laying the draw ebook

laying the draw

The first ebook I ever published. It has helped countless people to find the gold in this method. The book explains how to use this well-known strategy to secure daily profits from international football. From shortlisting to trade selection, from entries to exits... it's all carefully explained to help you trade football successfully.
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Laying the field ebook

Laying The Field

I published this to provide a simple strategy for novices wanting to try their hand in the racing markets. Orders are placed well before the race, then you just await the results, tuning your approach to increase profits over time. It's a stepping stone for beginners to use before advancing to more complex dynamic trading styles.
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  • Tim’s trading methods are by far the best I have come across – and I have seen plenty. Not only are they simple to implement catering to both newbies and experienced traders alike, they are also very thorough and comprehensive. They cover everything you need to be successful trading the sports markets. Nothing is left out. My trading has been turned around, I’m now making consistent profits.

    James M.

  • I felt indebted to you which is the reason why I reached out to you in the first place so hopefully my mind will be at ease from now on, because I used your own exact match selection criteria to make this strategy work.I felt indebted to you which is the reason why I reached out to you in the first place so hopefully my mind will be at ease from now on, because I used your own exact match selection criteria to make this strategy work.

  • Thank you for your EBook, best investment I ever made. This is the best success I have ever had, and I’ve tried Forex & Pennystocks. This is the best success I’ve ever had, and I’m picking them myself. It gives me great satisfaction. I’m only trading with £4.00 for each trade which means I’m not under pressure. I’m beginning to think this could give me what I’m looking for, which is to occupy my time when I retire and supplement my pension.

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About Me

Over the past 20+ years I've learned to trade a whole variety of markets, from stocks and commodities to Forex and more.

I got interested in trading sports markets around 15 years ago. My main focus is on 'technical' or 'cold trading', i.e. decisions based on data in the form of price charts. Why? Because data doesn't lie!

I use raw data as much as I can in my Betfair trading, particularly in football and horse racing, although this isn't always enough as predicting sports betting movements will always require a bit of both 'technical' and 'fundamental' reasoning, regardless of the strategy.

For a more detailed background, read my About Me page.

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