Here are some of the genuine comments I have received from readers and those actually using my trading methods regularly on Betfair…

“Tim’s trading methods are by far the best I have come across – and I have seen plenty. Not only are they simple to implement catering to both newbies and experienced traders alike, they are also very thorough and comprehensive. They cover everything you need to be successful trading the sports markets. Nothing is left out. My trading has been turned around and I’m now making consistent profits.” James M.


“I was having a few drinks with a couple of friends in september 2016 when one of them started talking about something called Betfair. Next day i went on the internet and did some searching and found out that it was intresting and as i further looked around i understood that it was not just another online betting site, so i looked into it further and found ukfootballtrading.com.

i downloaded the free ebook and started trading a little bit, a hit here a miss there. Then i got the LTD book and everything changed…..(just a couple of days ago)

I’ve been quite aggressive since starting with a low bankroll for testing. It’s up 38% in two game weeks, so not a bad start!

The LTD book is extremely easy and well explained,  if you have the understanding of what is Betfair, it will show you the WAY to an easy and very reliable method.

It will also show you how to analyse and choose a game, which for me is the most important thing, otherwise you will be trading (more likely betting) blindfolded.

The book actually takes you by the hand and shows you what to do in easy baby steps, it is not rocket-science, altough i think that the writer is a betfair scientist and he is giving away the research for peanuts (after you read the book you’ll understand)


cheers from Brazil



“I’ve just finished reading through it and it looks very interesting with sound advice about how to get an edge when selecting races to use the method on. I’m looking forward to trying it out at very small stakes tomorrow!”


“Hi Tim I recently bought your ebook Lay the field and I am absolutely delighted with it . I am now probably going to purchase your ebook lay the draw. For this book (LTD) am I right in assuming that I do not need trading software to use this strategy. Many thanks in advance . John”


“Hi Tim. I read the LTD book, not twice but four times.

First i would like to thank you for giving me your years of knowledge.

Second i would like to let you know that your book is amazing not only for the LTD but for game analysis in general.

You explained your method, which i believe came through a lot of hit and miss, in a very clear and simple way, which i strongly believe that if followed to the letter will be very profitable (human nature being controlled of course).

The book is very well written not as a novel but as a tool for traders and especially new ones like me. I felt i was taken by the hand and showed some state secret, it helped me already and i made a few bucks yesterday.

Again i would like to thank you for sharing your years of experience and knowledge.

PS: if you ever decide to give away anymore experience i’ll be first inline.”


“I’ve been quite aggressive since starting with a low bankroll for testing. It’s up 38% in two game weeks, so not a bad start!”


“I purchased your LTD E book and have to say it is without doubt the best wrriten and informative ebook I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.”


“I bought your LTD Method and that was a very comprehensive piece that goes into lots of detail not just about the method of selecting matches but also about the staking and the trading mindset which I think is crucial. I was very impressed with it and have learned lots and it has definitely improved my trading results in football. It really was a breath of fresh air unlike so much of the utter rubbish on the internet these days. I am therefore confident that the methods on horse racing will be equally impressive and I am sure it will be worth the wait.”


“I’ve read it! Although i would probably advise newbies to read it about 3 times before attempting anything as there is alot to take in, that`s not a criticism you have just written it with all of the steps that you personally carry out before trading.

In my view anybody that sees LTD as a good looking way to earn an income doesn`t need any more than this apart from the experience of buggering up a few trades themselves and learning from it.

Highly recommended for people that want to trade part time or for a living eventually, well done Tim.”


“I’ve had fantastic success with it so far. Very profitable, very consistent.”


“Bought it, loved it. I would wager that the majority of those purchasing your book are like me – stuck on the hamster wheel of 9-5 (or 8-8) and trying to find a way off. It’s one of the first books I have read which offers genuine hope of having an alternative to the mundane. ” JS


“Thanks Tim, your knowledge and advice is worth its weight in gold.”


“Superb as usual!”


“Can’t wait to see your stuff, I know it will be great to learn from, as was the LTD book.”


“So far two months in profit…I am pleased with this so far! :)”


“Brilliant article, I am working my way through it at the moment. Many thanks for all the work you put into it. I’ll definitely be interested in your pre race ebook.”


“I bought your ebook this week, and have to say that it is the best written trading ebook/system that I have ever bought, and I have bought a few over the years. My biggest weakness with trading has always been a lack of discipline with selections, and your selection process is brilliant and really very helpful. Well done on a brilliant book.”


“Hi Tim, £600 today…you really see the benefits of bet angel?… I didn’t think we would need it with this strategy and only really needed in before the off trading on racing”


“Your Lay the Draw piece is probably one of the best I have come across (and there is a LOT of stuff..mostly rubbish..written on it as I’m sure you know!!)”


“Thanks Tim for all your tips they are very accurate, and PROFITABLE.”


“Hi, I have just read your blog about LTD and think its brilliant, tried it twice and won both times. Thanks for this.”


“I really appreciate all your help, advice and input and I must say almost everything you have ever said has been bang on and I still have a lot to learn, but learn I will, so please have patience with me lol.”


“Once again you’ve been very helpful. So again, many thanks. It’s obvious you care about helping your customers.” Mark


“So far so good today – Desert Ace (3.15 Carlise) and My Reward (4.15 York) both did the business. British Embassy next!”


“Hey Tim, I had a small loss on the PSV game but I don’t mind, still a profitable day overall so the bank roll increases which is the main thing.I see you did ok again, well done.”


“Thank you very much. Your system is fantastic, I’ve got into it quite quickly, and your backup is second to none.”


“Thanks again for a great book.


“I’m doing good with your system, for the first time ever. Thanking you…”


“I’ve gone through all of your blog posts (since the very beginning) in detail to try and learn about “Lay the Draw” as much as I can, it was extremely helpful. I wish you could post updates more often but I completely understand what it’s like to be busy with other stuff. Regarding your future product, I would probably be one of the first people in line to buy it….I’m staying glued to your blog.”


“I felt indebted to you which is the reason why I reached out to you in the first place so hopefully my mind will be at ease from now on, because I used your own exact match selection criteria to make this strategy work.”


“Hello again Tim, Well things are starting to look up now that ive come to terms with the Spanish Betfair lingo! I feel comfortable with the LTD approach and having stuck with it,i am now beginning to claw back some of the losses from my very rocky start, with seven of my last nine trades being successful having halved my stakes. With the dreaded international break upon us once more,i thought it would be an ideal time to purchase your book and having done so,i was amazed to see that you use the same stats reference that ive always used “soccerway”,but for different purposes, trading as opposed to gambling,so this has given me confidence in my match selections and this is starting to show in my results.The thing with me is that ive always enjoyed reading football stats and your book has opened my eyes to their importance where trading is concerned.I now understand how to exit at the right time,although the urge to wait for another goal is never far away and the % of the bank rule is a very sensible recommendation.My stakes are small but its surprising how quickly you can make up the deficit even though i tend to get out pretty quick after the first goal and could probably have made more by waiting, but your quip about mr.greed and the tree made me laugh,so it sticks in my mind which is a good thing at my age!! Thanks again for an excellent read.”


“Again, what a thoughtful and inspirational message, thank you. I am certainly excited going forward…”


“Thank you for your EBook, best investment I ever made. This is the best success I have ever had, and I’ve tried Forex & Pennystocks. This is the best success I’ve ever had, and I’m picking them myself. It gives me great satisfaction. I’m only trading with £4.00 for each trade which means I’m not under pressure. I’m beginning to think  this could give me what I’m looking for, which is to occupy my time when I retire and supplement my pension.”


“Brilliant as ever Tim.”


“Really liking the lay the draw strategy at the moment hope it continues this way”


“By the way I enjoyed your LTD strategy ebook, definitely gave me an insight into how to be selective about trades… your daily selections and shortlists are also useful too”


“I enjoy reading your website from 4-5 years ago, it inspires me. I know rules exist for a reason and you sharpen the sword comment is 100000000% spot on, if only we were not human ehh, if only we were not impatient and stupid at times, I like to think that even though I make mistakes I am still learning, I have a way to go, but I will achieve, I will get where I want to be, and you are a part of that so thank you 🙂 “


“I’m doing good with your system. You have to be patient.”


“I`ve been involved in betting now for only about 5 years, in that time i have been mainly a matched bettor, taking bonuses from bookies with the occasional trade on Betfair.

With bookies getting tougher on account holders who search for value i knew that i was going to have to have a longer term plan for regular profits. I also knew that my mini gun tactics were never going to be a reliable way of building up these long (and short term ) profits on Betfair.

Just like anybody else who trades i had heard of laying the draw and i knew that it had been around since the start of betting exchanges. So just like most other traders i `had a go’ only to be blown out of the water in about three trades. I thought then that this is probably why not everybody does this as it doesn`t work!

In the background i would get these emails now and again from a guy called Tim who would send his selection through with what seemed to be a great strike rate. I started to take more interest in his emails and actually started congratulate him on his success. After a time Tim mentioned that he was thinking about producing a PDF manual detailing how he starts out picking his selections through to staking plans and taking profits.

He asked me (probably because he saw how green i was and that i needed help) whether i would be interested in reading through the PDF when he`d completed it and giving my opinion.

Once i had read it i realized where i was going wrong.  NO PLAN!  

This manual is years of knowledge rolled in to one easy to read straight talking PDF. Tim shows you where he finds his team selections and the strict criteria of choosing certain matches, not just any old match like i used to do that looked good because it had low draw odds!

I`ve learnt that to make money you have to use and stick to a proven system, will you lose sometimes, of course you will but he shows you how to escape the trade with the smallest impact on your bank to preserve long term profits.

Highly recommended by me and i thank Tim for giving me the opportunity to test this.

Best regards,



“You’re a genuine guy who knows your stuff.”


“Hi Tim,

As you know I have bought your football trading ebook and I really enjoyed using this. So far from 16th Jan to now, I made £22.63 profit but only stake in around £5 per match. Obviously, its looking good at the moment but that is only early days. I can imagine if I stake in high like that then it will come out massive profits. So I am sensible and start slowly with using 1% staking to build up.

Normally, most of times when I buy ebook from many vendors and I always refund it because it was all rubbish. Great thing that I will keep your ebook and will not ask for your refund because it is working and extremely effective for me because it make sense when using your simple strategy on LTD. Like you say it have to be selectivity on some match and I am pleased to have this working strategy like what you use it everyday. Thank you Tim…

I will keep update with you for over two months and I can’t wait for your new strategy… 🙂 “


“Its the fact that you are aware of beginner mentalities and beginner mistakes and that you make everything as black and white as possible that sets you apart. Your customers actually obtain a full working system that they can use from day 1 pretty much.”


“Thank you for your wonderful Book LTD. I received it yesterday.”


“In Play Horses Trading – again 2/2 yesterday with Gustav Mahler and Miss Rosina”


“Well I have a lot to thank you for so just giving credit where it’s due! I think you are a great judge and your knowledge of statistics is outstanding in my opinion…lies, damn lies..it’s how you interpret them and you sir do a great job so thank you!  Love the site,  learn so much from you and it’s greatly appreciated.”


“Thanks for all the lessons and help, I cannot tell you how much i’ve learned.”


“Hello Tim, I just wanted to say your doing a great job with the blog and the site in general, I will be sure to buy your ‘Lay The Draw’ ebook this week, Iv been following your poss for a few weeks now, keep up the good work mate”


“Your ebook has helped me to nail the first type of trade. Now I just need practice to nail the second type of trade! That will be my goal”


“Apart from that i would like to let you know that the LTD book (which was a present from a friend…) is my bread and butter now. I also read all your back posts and i mean ALL and i learned so much it’s amazing. You have helped me more than you can imagine and for that i thank you.”


“I have bought and just finished reading your in-play Horse racing trading book. Like the LTD ebook it seems to leave nothing out and first impressions are very positive!”


“I’ve just purchased your LTD e-book and had a good read through. Your advice on the mental/emotional element of trading is really excellent and I can see that this will be key to having a successful journey with this!”


“Thanks for the reply Tim. Luckily I tried again some time later and it worked! Loving the content and can’t wait to put it into action.”


“Out of the blue the other day my wife came up to me and said “You’ve given up on making money with this trading, haven’t you?”. Of course, I was pretty confused by this! Turns out that she was expecting to be bathing in £50 notes by now and isn’t that excited about the “small change” I’ve been making!! I had to explain to her about the concept of scaling up gradually and % staking according to bank size etc, after which, she looked at me like I was a little crazy with a grin of disbelief on her face! So……………….it turns out that I not only have to master my own emotions and discipline whilst trading, but also those of my missus!!! After I got over being offended by her comments, I had to laugh as I remember that I’d told you that she was quite understanding about what I’m trying to do! I definitely retract that statement!”
— Mr Definitely Anonymous!!