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Last updated: April 19, 2023

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Laying the field - Horse Racing Betfair Course ImageThis eBook explains a relatively simple horse racing strategy which is well-suited to novice Betfair traders.

It was a tricky one to produce because it was only when I started writing it that I realised how many different versions and tweaks I had used to hone this strategy into something I could have confidence in, and it was quite a few years ago when I did most of this tweaking and testing.

Please note: This is only suitable for UK racing.

As explained in my free Lay The Field article, here are some of the biggest benefits of this method which, as you can see, make it about the best-suited horse racing strategy for novice traders, (but it’s perfectly suitable to more experienced traders too)…


Numerous Opportunities Every Day

With horse racing taking place nearly every single day of the year with several meetings per day, there is no shortage of trades virtually 365 days a year.

No Exits

Unlike nearly every single other method you can find, there are no exits to be taken with this method. The difference this makes in practice, especially for novice traders, is enormous. No worries about holding your “nerve” or avoiding being too greedy, or not taking enough profit etcetera. Your trades take care of themselves once they are placed, that’s all there is to do, you just check your results later with no chance to sabotage them via emotional issues like fear and greed.

No Software Needed

Unlike most horse racing trading methods, this method does not require Betfair trading software. This is a huge benefit for many beginners as software carries with it a large cost, not in money terms (as you can get trading software for pennies these days) but in terms of the learning curve. It takes a fair while to get comfortable and confident with trading software the first time you try using it, and obviously before actually trading real money with it, you must have confidence in what you are doing. The lay all method can be used to great effect with nothing more than your normal web browser.

Suits Full-Time Workers

Also unlike most horse racing methods, this one can be used by people who work 9-5. You don’t even need to be near a computer all day during the race meetings. You can place your orders the night before, and check them the next day after you get home from work. This allows first time or novice traders to have a go easily without disturbing their normal day job or other daily commitments.


I am extremely hesitant to use the word “easy”, but if I was asked (as I have been!) to pick a method which is the “easiest” to learn, this is the one I say every time. Everything requires some learning, and this is of course no different. But compared to just about any other trading strategy I know of, they don’t come much easier than this one. Don’t read that as “you will be rich tomorrow”, just read it as “If you want to try trading the horse racing markets, you'd be wise to start here!” 🙂


As you can see, this method has significant advantages over most other methods. For anyone looking for a beginner-friendly strategy to introduce them to horse racing trading, with most of the emotional and psychological risks removed, without any need for trading software, and without tricky decisions to make during a trade, no other method can compete with this one.


“Hi Tim I recently bought your ebook Lay the field and I am absolutely delighted with it . I am now probably going to purchase your ebook lay the draw. Many thanks… John”




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