GUTTTTTTTTTTED!!!! I won though!

Sunday, 10 November 2013, 17:48

Oh my GOD!

Well I did as I said, got the comfy goal from Roma as expected, but held out right up to 60 minutes before cashing out as they should have scored many more. But it was just one of those games where you kinda knew something was going to go wrong. A few times Sassuolo broke and nearly levelled the game. So I had a couple of £2 back bets on Sass favouring an equaliser. I had £52 green guaranteed, but over £3,500 on Sassuolo winning. I do this quite often with games where one fluke (or skill for that matter) goal from the underdog could be a shock result. They SOOOOO nearly got that goal, which would have been an awesome green for me, but to do this you need the goal to come with at least 2 minutes left of the game so you have time to green up some cash.

Well, they got the goal, in the last bloody minute! I tried to green up £100 very quickly but there just wasn't enough time left. AAAAAGH!

Oh well, two good calls so my trading head feels quite happy, just wish I could have got more than £52 out of the game.

Still, a green day is a green day! Laying the draw should pay better than these last two trades, so hopefully a few quick 2-0 winners will be possible this week.


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