Saturday 23rd November Trades

Saturday, 23 November 2013, 11:21

Well that was a long morning of stats and analysis.

Napoli - 7.45pm - Great home form, low conceding stats and scoring over 2 goals per game on average. Definite trade for me @ 4.5 to lay the draw outcome.

Lens 1pm - WOW, I am struggling to find something I must be missing here?!

These stats are about as close to a textbook perfect LTD trade as you can get, yet the price is tiny! What a bargain this is. Just check these stats out.....

Lens football stats

And that trade can be had for the bargain price of 4.2?!

Actually its cheaper than that but I wanted to get my £200 in now before you vultures read this post 😀 😀 :D.

I really can't believe what a great trade this looks on the stats, the only thing which concerns me is the price, does someone know something I don't? Are they missing a goalie, or is there an earthquake predicted today or what?!

Oh well, the stats are awesome so its a trade for me and I am staying home later than planned to take advantage of what should (stats wise at least) be a great.

Just to clarify the reasons:

Form - superb. scored in last 6 home games, winning 4 of them and drawing one. Away team likewise has failed to score in last 3 and only one goal in last 5 away games.

Home team has never failed to score at home this season, and away team have failed 5 times!

Home team have 3 clean sheets at home, away team have none!

That's a trade in my book!

Well whilst I had a huge shortlist, that's all which would interest me today.

I found reasons not to trade all the others.

Good luck to anyone trading today, hope my selections helped as I know they do for many of you.