One slightly nervous trade today

Thursday, 31 October 2013, 18:13

Well I ruled out 3 possibles today, Heerenveen (cup game i realised after researching!), Villareal, and Atl Bilbao. But I wasn't sure if I made a mistake discounting Villareal game so I had another look at what put me off.....

lay the draw analysis before trading

It's pretty damn clear that Villareal are on a great run of form, and scoring a LOT of goals lately. But the away team is no slouch either, and they hold a tight defence most of the time.

In Spain, home teams get MASSIVE support from their fans (much more than here in the UK and most other countries) so I do fancy Villareal to score some goals here, and they score much earlier than Getafe usually. But I was still a bit doubtful about this as a trade.

In the end, it was a coin flip, and it was heads, so I am trading it 😀

£200 lay the draw at 4.6. Fingers crossed again then! At least I can repurpose the coin into a bullet and fire it up the field if it loses 😀